SEAL Team Season 7 Starts Filming in Los Angeles in December

Filming for Season 7 of ‘SEAL Team‘ is set to commence in Los Angeles in December. It has already been announced that Season 7 will mark the conclusion of the show. Unfortunately for the fans, a movie that was planned to serve as the grand finale has also been scrapped. Created by Benjamin Cavell, the storyline centers around the Bravo Team, a specialized unit within the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, the most elite faction of Navy SEALs. It delves into their meticulous planning and execution of perilous missions worldwide, often on short notice, and explores the challenges faced by both team members and their families.

‘SEAL Team’ concluded its sixth season with a daring escape, a poignant visit to Clay’s grave, celebratory moments at Bulkhead, and a medal ceremony that set the stage for a surprising twist. Facing peril after their exfil was downed by a rocket, Bravo Team navigated challenges to rescue stranded comrades. The aftermath saw emotional farewells at Clay’s gravesite, revealing the circumstances of his death. A Bulkhead gathering reflected on Clay’s impact, with Sonny grappling with grief. Mandy shared crucial intel on the Mali mission, prompting Sonny to seek justice. The season finale featured Jason’s Navy Cross ceremony, concluding with a powerful revelation of the team’s shared struggles, setting the stage for a new fight against military neglect of mental health issues. The concluding montage initially hinted at a somber turn but ultimately revealed renewed strength and resilience among the team members.

Although the specific details of Season 7 remain undisclosed, Season 6 unequivocally established that the lives of Bravo Team members and their families will undergo profound changes. With a team that includes several veterans contributing to and advising the show, ‘SEAL Team’ consistently confronts a spectrum of issues, fearlessly addressing topics such as PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and the lamentably high suicide rate among service members and veterans.

Headlining the ensemble cast is David Boreanaz, joined by Neil Brown Jr., AJ Buckley, Toni Trucks, and Raffi Barsoumian. Produced by CBS Studios, ‘SEAL Team’ boasts executive producers such as Hudnut, Chulack, Boreanaz, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, and Mark Owen. Paramount Global Content Distribution handles the series’ distribution.

Comprising 10 episodes, mirroring the structure of Season 6, Season 7 commences production in early December. The release on Paramount+ is scheduled for 2024, although the exact date is yet to be confirmed. Given Season 6’s filming in May and subsequent September release, there is a potential for Season 7 to debut in the spring. Long regarded as the hub of Hollywood productions, Los Angeles continues to maintain its prominence, evident in noteworthy releases such as David Fincher’s ‘The Killer‘ and ‘The Marvels’ that have surfaced from the region this year.

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