Seana Collins: Where is My 600-lb Life Star Now?

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TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life‘ highlights a variety of inspiring experiences of morbidly obese individuals who have attempted to reduce weight. The show presents several of these experiences in which the cast members, who mostly weigh 600 pounds or more, follow strict and demanding adjustments, including diet and exercise routines. Famous bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now, serves as their mentor and encourages them in their effort to lose enough weight to be eligible for weight reduction treatment.

Since its debut in 2012, the reality show has shown both successful patient stories as well as struggling ones who have a more difficult time losing weight. Seana Collins from season 8 episode 9 was one of the latter ones who had a hard time meeting the diet recommendations for improvement. Now that she’s been away from the cameras for a while, viewers must be curious to know where she is.

Seana Collins My 600-lb Life Journey

When Seana Collins appeared in season 8, she weighed around 659 pounds. The then-22-year-old young woman lived with her mother, Cricket, in Kansas City, Missouri, but the latter was mostly absent due to work and hired a caretaker to make her food. Seana bathed and moved around her house on her own but depended on the caretaker to cook her all the high-calorie junk foods. She was ashamed of her body and felt “trapped most of the time because of how hard it is to move and get around.”

Seana had a very traumatic childhood which led her to develop a food addiction. Apart from being the youngest patient, she was also younger mentally, making her stick to food for emotional comfort. Her weight gain started from an early stage, primarily due to her abusive father and absent mother. As per Seana, her father abused her physically and verbally because of his drug problem in her mother’s absence. As a little child, she never told her mother either, which is why it continued for a long time.

When her mother finally left her husband after he tried to light the car Seana was in on fire, the abuse continued because Seana was sent to his house for a month in the summers. Thus, she gained more than 200 pounds by age 10, which worsened after kids in school made fun of her, and she had no friends or companions other than food. Eventually, the bullying got so bad for her that she dropped out of school at age 16, went through a mental breakdown, and had to go to be admitted to a hospital.

Seana did not continue her treatment for long but went to therapy for some time, didn’t gain much from it, and put on more weight — up to 500 pounds. By age 19, Seana qualified for a disability allowance, got a separate apartment, kept eating more, and later met a guy online who soon moved in with her. Regardless, things became worse as he was a meth addict, which led her to addiction, too. However, her mother soon got her out of it, and they began living together.

Seana did not have a smooth journey after meeting Dr. Now, as she kept losing the diet plan twice and did not contact him to ask for another for fear of what he might say. In two months, she lost no weight, and in her next appointment, she only lost 1 pound. After getting another chance, she faced another problem when her mother got transferred, and she had to live independently. Thus, after a while, she moved to Houston. Living in a hotel, Seana somehow managed to lose 36 pounds but fell into her eating habits again and regained the weight back, even more than before.

Seana Collins Keeps a Low-Profile Now

After Seana lost some weight, she was sent to therapy by Dr. Now, but it seemed to have adverse effects on her. Supposedly, her traumas were too severe to cope with her emotions while talking about her childhood; thus, she again began binge eating to deal with those emotions. She gradually regained the weight and said, “I think the therapy messed me up. And it’s terrifying because Dr. Now said I only have one chance left ’cause without this I’m doomed, I’m going to die soon.”

Sadly, by the end of her episode, Seana gained 25 pounds, weighing more than her original weight. She lived alone in her hotel room, ate everything she wanted, and hardly left the place. Dr. Now even said to her: “You don’t have any support from your family, you have depression, anxiety, and multiple issues you need to take care of. I know it’s very hard when you are alone but you need to decide if you want to change your situation and live or if you want to continue on this path you are on.”

After being warned again about her future and life, Seana promised to work on her issues. With the doctor’s help, she began taking water-aerobic lessons as an exercise form and moved out of the hotel room to live independently. He agreed to help her again if she managed to lose 50 pounds and show her weight-loss dedication. Post the show, Seana has refrained from being in the limelight or sharing details about her weight loss on public platforms. However, she does look healthier and is likely keeping her journey going. Therefore, we only wish her success and happiness in the future.

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