Servant Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second season of  ‘Servant’ has dawned upon us, taking forward the story of the Turners’ quest to find their baby. Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger where we find that Jericho has disappeared along with Leanne, the nanny that Dorothy hires for her child. The strange happenings coated in nail-biting mystery keeps us occupied, and we are taken into the harrowing ordeal of parenthood. Julian’s cynical outlook balances the bewilderment of the narrative, thereby creating suspense that we are eager to unravel.

The first episode establishes that both Dorothy and Sean are disturbed by the mysterious disappearances and want to dig deep into the association of May Markham’s cult with their family. Even though the baby that replaces the therapy doll isn’t theirs, the attachment is visible, and the second episode pieces the clues together to explore the family’s situation. If you are curious about the details, read on further. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Servant Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The happenings sadden Dorothy, and she spends her time watching videos of Jericho and the disturbing flagellation in Markham’s commune. She can feel an attachment with the baby and is apprehensive of his situation in the custody of his presumed abductors. Julian tries to mollify Dorothy, but his rationalistic thought process doesn’t go well with her. A parcel arrives containing a space suit that Julian orders for Jericho’s baptism. Dorothy questions his choices and brands him as an atheist.

Meanwhile, private investigator Roscoe comes back to Sean’s place and asks for some food. He is visibly disoriented from the last time we see him in the company of Markham and her cult. Roscoe seems to have lost track of time as he still believes that it is Monday, the day of Jericho’s baptism. In essence, he doesn’t have the memory of the last three days. Julian is irked by this, but Sean tries to coax out Roscoe’s memory by calling Natalie. Natalie hypnotizes Roscoe, and under the haze, Roscoe mumbles some details regarding his interaction with the cult. Dorothy, on the other hand, goes to her workplace and calls out Leanne live on television.

Servant Season 2 Episode 2 Ending: What Does Leanne’s Call Signify?

After Dorothy reaches out to Leanne through television, Sean receives a call from her. Leanne asks why Dorothy was looking for her and that Sean should tell her what she has done. Leanne’s call makes it evident that she is still keeping a track of the Turner family. As soon as her call is picked up, we see some strange happenings in the bathroom where the shower stops ominously. The weird situation explains that Leanne’s connection with Dorothy is still strong, functioning on a paranormal level.

Leanne seems to be fixated on Dorothy’s carelessness in the past that leads to the death of her first-born. Given the weird ways of the cult, of which Leanne is a part, the baby’s disappearance might be construed as a path to purgation for Dorothy. The bothersome fact is that Dorothy does not choose the path out of her own agency; instead, it is forced upon her. Even then, the mystery of the baby that replaces the doll remains unsolved. To hark back a little, Leanne’s meltdown upon knowing the truth of Dorothy’s child holds a larger significance given the direction that episode 2 takes.

If we read through it speculatively, Leanne’s disappearance and the subsequent call might be a test initiated by her. The flagellation sequence of episode 2 clarifies that the cult propagates a form of self-harm that leads to salvation. The ordeal that Dorothy is put through indicates this method of redemption perpetrated by Leanne and the cult. Forced to relive her guilt, Dorothy gets increasingly desperate to find her child.

What Happens to Roscoe?

A revelatory moment of the episode is where we find Roscoe explaining his experience with the cult, albeit under hypnosis. From his revelations, we find that he undergoes a terrible ordeal where he has apparently been brainwashed. When asked about the baby, Roscoe replies that his eyes have been taken out in some weird ritualistic act. Although shocking, the veracity of the details cannot be ascertained.

Julian, being the pragmatist, refuses to believe Roscoe. It is established that the cult influenced Roscoe, but his re-telling seems a shade too dubious. Nevertheless, it becomes clear that Leanne is with the commune, and there is a hidden machination yet to be revealed. Roscoe’s trauma underlines the cult’s obscure methods- they breakdown the mind of a person until their goal is achieved. There is indeed a hint of the paranormal, but it is yet to be revealed.

How Do Julian and Sean Cope With the Happenings?

Julian’s disposition slightly changes after the interaction with Roscoe. He tries hard to nullify the hypnosis, but it is evident that he is concerned for the baby. Unwittingly, he has become a part of the entire situation from where he can’t backtrack. On the surface, it might seem like his actions are driven because of Dorothy’s pangs, but deep down, he cares for the baby. The spaceman suit that he gives Jericho for his baptism might be too farfetched, but it is a gift stemming from a conscious thought revealed in the scene when he talks about his fascination with outer space.

Sean tries hard to situate himself within the happenings, but a hidden terror lurks within him: a terror of losing his child again. At the end of the episode, the camera pans straight from the house’s interiors to the outside, with Sean in focus. It is perhaps symbolic of Sean’s desperation that he is dealing with, but certain events push him back to the harsh reality of despair. Episode 2 says a lot about the changes in the characters, and it remains to be seen how well the suspense plays out.

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