Servant Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second season of ‘Servant’ unravels Dorothy’s and Leanne’s characters as the narrative inches close towards their conflict. Through a carefully planned ruse, Dorothy drugs Leanne and coaxes Tobe to bring her to their house. Sean and Julian are surprised at Dorothy’s ruthlessness and are perturbed to see her take unethical steps to bring back Jericho. With her plan’s success, Dorothy gains confidence and believes that she is getting closer to Jericho’s whereabouts.

Despite not agreeing to Dorothy’s methods, Sean maintains his composure and becomes a part of her quest. With Leanne in her captivity, Dorothy’s limits of composure are tested, and the fourth episode gives us a closer look at the proceedings. Moreover, Dorothy’s and Sean’s relationship also hangs in the balance with the arrival of Leanne and the increasing volatility of Dorothy’s temperament. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Servant Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Dorothy brings Leanne back to her house in a drugged state and keeps her captive. She pressurizes her about revealing the truth about Jericho. Leanne refuses to divulge the details, saying that Dorothy doesn’t deserve to know the truth. Visibly upset, she fumes out of the room. Dorothy believes that she has found a way to reach Jericho and prohibits Sean to visit Leanne. Dorothy thinks that Sean can be easily manipulated, and she doesn’t want to let go of this opportunity to find the truth.

Dorothy leaves for the office and enjoys an outing in an indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Sean searches for the key to Leanne’s room but can’t seem to find it. At the same time, he has to deal with the loss of taste and feeling of pain. Dorothy tries to approach Leanne in a milder way but to no avail. At 2 am in the night, Dorothy goes to Leanne’s room and attacks her aggressively.

The next day, while Dorothy is at work, Sean finds the key and enters Leanne’s room. When Sean asks about Jericho, Leanne says that he should have told the truth to Dorothy. He tries to pacify Leanne and asks her to forgive his wife. Eventually, Sean is able to taste and feel again. Dorothy gets increasingly violent exactly at 2 am and ends up doing the unthinkable.

Servant Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: What is the Significance of 2:00?

At 2:00 am, Dorothy gets aggressive and physically assaults Leanne while asking about Jericho. The next morning, Dorothy is in a calmer state and behaves softly with Leanne. Even then, her inquisition about Jericho remains intact. When Leanne understands Dorothy’s behavioral pattern, she plays a trick and attacks Dorothy. However, her attempt fails, and Dorothy retaliates by burying her in the basement where workers have excavated the floor for repairs.

Sean wakes up in pain in his injured hand to find Dorothy standing in a stupor. Realizing the situation, he rushes to Leanne’s aid and rescues her. The increasing volatility of Dorothy’s behavior stems from her desperation to know about Jericho. With Leanne in proximity, she gets impatient and takes some drastic steps to extract the truth. In the end, we see Dorothy watching the clock, and in a dissonant moment of the narrative, she looks at the empty crib while the clock strikes 2:00.

It can be assumed that 2:00 am might be Jericho’s time of birth, the memory of which catalyzes Dorothy’s erratic behavior. The grief turns into anger, and Dorothy even goes to the length of inflicting extreme torture on Leanne. This can also be viewed as a parallel to the torture seen in Markham’s commune- the only difference being that Markham pushes a self-inflicted form of violence, whereas Dorothy herself is the perpetrator. Nonetheless, Dorothy seems to slowly become self-aware of her past in her desperation to find Jericho.

How Does Sean Regain His Sense of Taste?

A startling change we see is the reversal of Sean’s loss of taste and ability to feel pain. When Sean first meets Leanne in her captive state, he politely approaches her and tries to start a decent conversation. Leanne can perhaps trust Sean, and in a subsequent scene, she prays fervently holding the Bible with ‘Sean’ written on a page. Soon enough, Sean regains his ability to feel and taste.

It is established that Leanne’s ardent faith and prayers allow her to manipulate Sean, as Dorothy correctly points out. Besides, Julian discloses to Dorothy that Sean has prayed and confessed to Leanne’s Uncle George. Sean is prone to manipulation, and thus Leanne can control his sense of taste and pain. The episode leaves us with an interesting conjecture and opens up the contrast between Dorothy’s aggression and Sean’s vulnerability.

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