Servant Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Servant’ season 2 takes us into the Turners’ dangerous quest to find their missing baby, Jericho. It is interesting to see how Dorothy and Sean give it their all to find a baby who is not their biological child. Leanne’s presence in their lives has created a dangerous situation that pushes them to confront their past. The religious allegories of sin and retribution are depicted through the workings of The Church of Lesser Saints, a cult with an association to Leanne.

As the narrative moves forward, a stark dissonance between Leanne and the cult’s working comes to light. Uncle George is back in the Turner household, and it convolutes the mystery further. The seventh episode of the second season tries to connect the dots and lifts the veil over Leanne’s abilities. Let us look further into the details. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Servant Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

As Sean is about to take Leanne away from his house, the news about the shooting at the Marino house flummoxes him. By this time, Dorothy, Julian, and George converge together to watch the startling news. George is visibly angry at Leanne as he blames her for the vile happenings. As Dorothy tries to coax further information from George, he mumbles incoherently and reaches a catatonic stupor. Leanne goes back to her room, and Sean follows her.

Sean tries to ask Leanne if she has any knowledge about the incident. She replies that the cult assigns everyone their specific duties, and she broke the rule by coming to Dorothy. Leanne proceeds to flog herself as punishment for her misdemeanor. Meanwhile, Julian and Dorothy try to break George’s vegetative state but to no avail. George seems to be awake but doesn’t respond to any external stimulus.

The police arrive near their house, and Julian deduces that they want to apprehend George. Dorothy vehemently denies Julian’s assumption as she doesn’t want to give away the promising lead. She tells Sean and Julian to hide George in the kitchen before the police arrive. The police officer wants to investigate a possible link between Dorothy and Leanne as the nanny is one of the potential clues for solving the Marino family shootout.

Dorothy doesn’t take the inquiry kindly and retaliates back in her own strong ways. Eventually, the officer and Sean talk, wherein she says that the cult is not involved in the shooting. Apparently, the Marino family patriarch couldn’t control his deteriorating mental state and ended up committing the crime. As Leanne finds that Sergio Marino (the youngest child of the Marino family) is murdered, she is caught up in a religious fervor that brings about ominous occurrences.

Servant Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: What is Inside George’s Box?

Curiously, the news of the Marino shooting pushes George into a catatonic state. George blames Leanne for the disruptive events, and it seems that he wants to punish her for it. His desperation to get rid of the “infestation” takes a toll on him, and he is temporarily incapacitated. We can speculate that Leanne might have a connection to George’s condition as her own faith seems to perform miracles as well as hurt people.

In the end, a box arrives addressed to George, which contains a Betamax tape. But within the box, some tools are also present. George picks up a knife from it and seems prepared to act within the strange developments with an air of finality. Perhaps, he might attack Leanne with it, given his terse antagonizing of her existence.

Also, Dorothy thinks that she has called the bluff of the cult, as a note with the box says, “Reunite them, Christmas Eve.” Dorothy still believes that Markham’s commune has an important role to play in the developments; this is exemplified when she uses her connections in the media to gather intel on the Marino shooting beforehand. Maybe, Dorothy is right about the cult’s involvement, but we are yet to ascertain the wicked relation between Leanne with her commune.

Why Does Leanne Hide From the Police?

The police officer decides to take a look around the house with Sean. She has her own reasons to believe that the cult is not a part of the Marino family shooting as the father apparently killed his own son.  She sees a series of crosses made from straw hanging from the ceiling in Leanne’s room. Assuming it to be Dorothy’s work, the police officer believes that something is wrong with Dorothy as she is unable to process her grief. Curiously, Leanne is nowhere to be seen.

Leanne probably hides from the officer because she doesn’t want to go back, especially after the terrible shooting. In a scene, she watches video recordings of Sergio and is enveloped in sadness after hearing of his murder. Leanne’s emotion is channelized through her prayers — a fact which we have seen in the first season as well. Her occult workings seem to affect the police officer, who then decides to leave in the face of sudden dizziness. Moreover, her feverish prayers and rituals have repercussions on the house as the attic’s glass ceiling shatters. Leanne doesn’t even flinch a bit, and it seems that she is preparing herself for a vendetta through her strange abilities.

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