Seungkwan: What is Seventeen Star Doing Now Post-The Devil’s Plan?

Image Credit: Seungkwan/Instagram

Leaving no stone unturned, Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan’ chronicles the journey of twelve participants as they strive to succeed in a series of intellectual challenges and win a whopping cash prize of 500,000,000 won. The intensity of mind-bending games coalesces with a compulsion for survival in the reality television show. With an eclectic mix of actors, athletes, experts, and lawyers, the show features several intense themes. Boo Seung-Kwan, or Seungkwan, is one of the contestants who has enthraled audiences with his pleasant demeanor. Naturally, fans have been curious to know where is the K-Pop Idol these days. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Seungkwan’s The Devil’s Plan Journey

Seungkwan became one of the youngest members to compete in a series of cognitive and analytical games. Aiming for the top spot, the musician quickly won over other contenders with his amiable personality. Not only did he develop a close bond with other members, but he also managed to showcase his skills as a tough competitor from the get-go. While he managed to create a successful alliance and survive in the initial half of the competition, Seungkwan’s streak was also hindered at several junctures.

The musician was sent to prison recurrently on account of the decision made by fellow competitors. Nevertheless, he managed to use his time in prison effectively. By creating a close bond with athlete Cho Yeon-Woo and actress Lee See-Won, Seungkwan managed to make an unbreakable alliance that furthered his position in the competition. Even when he had few Pieces to support his stature in the game, the alliances he created within the prison supported his longevity in the competition. Naturally, fans wonder what he is up to these days.

Where is Seungkwan Now?

Besides his success on the Netflix series, the SEVENTEEN member continues to exponentiate his growth as an entertainer, musician, model, and television personality. However, that is not to stay that Seungkwan hasn’t had his share of ups and downs. Earlier this year, the death of K-pop idol Moon Bin sent shockwaves through the industry. The cause of death was thought to be suicide, but no official notice by the authorities was ever revealed.

Having shared a close bond with the ASTRO idol, Seungkwan was naturally taken aback and grief-stricken. The musician had consistently visited the Fantagio Entertainment office building’s Sky Park, which housed the memorial for Moon Bin before it was moved to a temple. Here, the idol even left a heartfelt letter discovered by fans. It read, “…How have you been recently? Is there anything you want to eat? I really want to have a beer with you. You miss it, too, right? I’m sure you do, you brat. I miss the us from back then…I’m kind of scared, because you, who used to shine on me, aren’t here.” Not just this, he also posted an evocation of his true feelings on Instagram, where he opened up about the sweet moments he shared with his bestfriend.

Following such an ordeal, the K-pop star was further propelled to take a temporary hiatus. Moreover, his health also warranted recovery. Consequently, on the advice of doctors and professionals, Seungkwan went on a temporary hiatus. Naturally, he sat out SEVENTEEN’S Seoul Concert, too. Despite being unable to perform, the television personality still supported his members and attended the concert as part of the audience. He is now set to return with his team as part of their October comeback. In addition to focusing on his comeback, Seungkwan has also given time to his recovery. Time and again, the musician likes to take long walks and unwind. Naturally, we continue to hope that his road to recovery is bereft of further issues.

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