Cho Yeon-Woo is Still Teaching Go-Game Strategies Post The Devil’s Plan

Image Credit: Cho Yeon-Woo/Instagram

Deciphering the convoluted mechanisms of unique games, Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan’ chronicles the journey of twelve contestants as they compete in a streak of challenges that test their intellect and wit. The reality television show features a group of idols, presenters, hosts and actors who come together to partake in a set of intense challenges and walk away with a whopping cash prize of 500,000,000 won. Cho Yeon-Woo is one of the contestants who has made audiences curious. So, if you’re also wondering more about the television personality, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Cho Yeon-Woo’s The Devil’s Plan Journey

Having made her mark in the world of one of the most intellectually stimulating games, Cho Yeon-Woo enlisted her skills in the Netflix game series. While her intersectional education and experiential knowledge made her a top contender in the series, her ability to create lasting alliances with fellow cast members also came in handy.

From the get-go, Yeon-Woo managed to partner with the forerunners of the show and displayed her abilities across challenges. However, by the end of the second challenge, she was sent to prison on account of lack of participation. Despite being separated from the contestants, Yeon-Woo used her time in prison wisely. Besides taking note of the secret coded lock, she also made a solid alliance with Seungkwan and Yoon-Bin. Even when she returned to play with the rest of her teammates, she continued to display quick thinking during the challenges.

While her ability to strategize and ally made her a significant contender capable of winning the show, the tables were turned when she ended up losing her spot in the Laying Grass match. Despite showcasing her deft acumen for calculative moves, Yeon-Woo ended up losing her spot when Ha Seok-Jin pulled a major piece from her territory table. Moreover, with consecutive nights spent in prison, the television personality had nothing but one piece to ensure her continuity in the season. Ultimately, she lost the piece after Ha Seok-Jin’s move and got booted from the series. Naturally, fans wonder where is the television personality these days.

Where is Cho Yeon-Woo Now?

Having begun her association with Go Game at the tender age of nine, Yeon-Woo continues to disseminate knowledge when it comes to the intellectually challenging game. Albeit losing her spot on the Netflix series, she is also exploring other avenues of success and exponentiating her growth as a media personality and professional player. Since her appearance on the show, Yeon-Woo has returned to reclaim the reigns of the Women Baduk/Go Game League as Director. The University of Dublin-alum has also been working as a referee in tournaments and recently attended the Barang Booth Festival at Yecheon.

In addition to her work in television, Yeon-Woo is also a teacher and educator. With thousands of subscribers on YouTube, the broadcast expert continues to share unique strategies for emerging players online. Fans and readers can find her on Discord and Twitch and support her on Patreon. Most recently, she completed a 2-week lecture course at the Seoul Citizen’s University. Here, the Go-Game expert talked about the game’s intricacies and gave her valuable insights into the complexity of the play. The television personality is known to take students from all age groups under her wing.

She has delivered insightful lectures to children in elementary school and seniors in their 70s. The avid traveler recently jetted off to India and visited the Taj Mahal in Agra while attending a wedding. When Yeon-Woo is not working or busy with other activities, she likes to unwind with her friends and family. So, even though the television personality was ousted from the season, it is apparent that several professional and personal milestones still lie ahead for Cho Yeon-Woo.

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