Review: Sex Education Season 2 Finale

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ is easily one of the most important shows about growing up we have seen in the past years. It offers us an honest and hilarious insight into the lives of a diverse bunch of flawed but loveable kids as they explore themselves sexually. While the past season was filled with awkward cringey humour, along with, of course, its staple heartwarming moments. This season looks at the more painful aspects of growing up – the self-doubt, pressure, loneliness and guilt that come with it.

As the season progresses, not only do our favourite Moordale kids learn that they deserve love, they eventually also learn to love, both themselves and others. The season finale explores this in a beautiful and touching way, with how it portrays friendship and love, while also dealing with the complexities and hurt in a parent-child bond. More than anything else, the season finale is about understanding love in all its forms as our characters try to the best they can. But it is not completely a happy ending for everyone.


Sex Education Season 2 Episode 8 Recap:

Otis is trying to make amends with his mother, but talking doesn’t help. She ends up expressing how she always gets his worst, and she’s tired of it. In school, he tries to make amends with Maeve, who tells him she’s not angry, but disappointed. Ola speaks to Otis, making him realize certain things which are related to his issues with his father. He goes to meet Remi who is still in U.K. for a book signing.

Meanwhile, Jean learns that she is premenopausal and also pregnant, which causes her to break down. Maeve is all set for the finals of the National Student Quiz Championship. But Erin has a job interview. Maeve senses that her mum might be using her again, and asks Isaac to look for drugs in their caravan.

Before the quiz begins, she gets a text from Isaac with a photo of drugs he found. She calls the child protection services and files a complaint against her mother. But during the quiz, Erin shows up as she believes she already missed so much of her children’s life, she doesn’t want miss more. Despite initially losing, the Quiz Heads eventually win. On their way back, Dex tries to make fun of Jackson but Viv stands up for her friend.

Erin sees the social service people outside the caravan and freaks out, acting impulsive and maddened as she doesn’t want to lose her child. She tells Maeve that she only slipped once, and that she will never forgive Maeve.

Adam tries to get his job back as he wants to get back to school, but the owner refuses. Ola stands up for him. But both end up being fired. In a really heartwarming moment, Ola tells Adam that he is her friend, and the two hug. At home, Maureen makes Adam realize that he needs to let the ones he loves  know that he loves them.

Otis confronts his father and asks him why he left him. Remi tells him that he’s an asshole, that Otis needs to be honest, and keeps the ones who get him the closest. Otis sees Maeve on television during her quiz and sends her a voicemail telling her that he is so proud of her, and confessing that he loves her.

The main event of the episode is the Romeo Juliet musical that has Jackson completely nervous. But with some help from Viv, he lets himself enjoy his performance. The musical is quite something with it is raunchy, galactic approach. Adam shows up during the performance and gets on stage and tells Eric that he wants to hold his hand, and Eric says yes.

Later, Groff decides to put an end to the play and blames it all on Jean. Otis stands up for his mother, leading to several other students standing up for her as well. The chairman tells Groff to take a leave for sometime.  Towards the end, Otis goes to meet Maeve, but Isaac lies to him, and later deletes the voice message. The season ends with Otis walking back as the voice message plays.

Sex Education Season 2 Episode 8 Review:

The emotionally charged season finale of ‘Sex Education’ is one intense roller coaster of feelings. It leaves us asking for more, and it really doesn’t provide us with the closure we need. Especially with Otis and Maeve. But the episode is definitely one of the strongest, if not the strongest, this season. Its strength lies not completely in the storylines, but in the absolutely brilliant way in which it deals with its characters. Kudos to the cast for delivering such phenomenal performances. The series, and especially the season, makes us realize that these actors are hidden gems as each one of them delivers, and delivers so well.

One of the most gut-wrenching moments of the series so far is Erin’s (Anne-Marie Duff) reaction after she learns about the child protection services. The helplessness one feels on seeing Erin and Maeve truly shows how great the performances are. It makes our heart go out for Maeve, who has clearly been the conscience of the season, with all that she’s been doing and the difficult decisions she had to make.

If there is one character one roots for to have a happy ending, it is Maeve, because no one else deserves it more. Though she does get hers in a way, or at least a part of it, when she wins the grand Quiz, she is still lonely and filled with guilt after all that she did and achieved. Jean too experiences her fair share of heartbreak and Anderson gives a touching performance.

On a positive note, it feels good to have the old Otis back, the one with more heart. Despite what happens with Maeve, the season finale does offer some happy-ish endings. One of my most favourite moments from the episode is when Adam picks Ola up and hugs her after she tells him he is her friend. Something no one has told him before. Adam and Eric too finally end up together as Adam acknowledges the hurt he has caused Eric and holds his hand.

It is a completely happy ending for Jackson and Viv whose friendship was definitely one of the most warming bits of the season. It is also refreshing to see two black opposite gendered (and opposite in everything else too) characters on-screen have such a deep platonic bond, especially with the way they deal with issues related to mental health and self-confidence.

The season 2 finale of ‘Sex Education’ leaves us with so many lingering questions. It gives us a bittersweet ending which makes sense given that it is an honest and warming take on growing-up, and the gang still has plenty of learning and growing left to do. As predicted, Isaac does end up causing complications between Otis and Maeve because of his own feelings. Well, he is a bit of selfish prick, but it is still really refreshing to see him have a full personality that is not defined by his disability – with both the good and the bad.

Funnily, a line that Otis says in the last season makes all the more sense in the finale. “Love is dumb luck”, and we see it more than ever this time. Even with Adam and Eric, though Eric knows he is happy with Adam, Rahim warns him to be careful because Adam does have issues even as he is trying hard to deal with them. With all that happens this season and the questions we’re left with, we can certainly expect a third season on the way. But knowing how the show works, we will probably have to wait another year before we meet Otis and Maeve again.

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