Sex Education Season 4: Do Otis and Ruby End Up Together?

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Netflix’s teen comedy-drama series, ‘Sex Education’ comes to an end with its fourth and final season, concluding the stories of the characters we have been following for the past few years. With Moordale Secondary closed down this season, Otis and Co find themselves in the unfamiliar territory of Cavendish College. It is nothing like how it was in their previous college. Here, the students are much more expressive and in charge of things, and the new students are welcome to find their place and their community.

The final season also brings many ups and downs for Otis Milburn. His romantic life with Maeve takes a hit, and he also finds himself in a cutthroat competition with a girl who has already established herself as the sex therapist in the school. This conflict brings Otis and Ruby together. Does it blossom into something more? Do Ruby and Otis get back together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Do Otis and Ruby End Up Together?

Image Credit: Sam Taylor/NETFLIX

In the beginning, Ruby and Otis belonged to completely different sections, and their lives never intersected. Ruby was one of the most popular girls in school, while Otis was barely noticed by anyone. Things start to change when Otis becomes the go-to sex therapist for the school. He’s not exactly popular anymore, but people start to notice him now, including Ruby.

After a brief fling in the second season, Ruby and Otis get together in the third season. For Ruby, the relationship with Otis is the start of something good because this is the first time she has been with a boy who actually seems to care about her. Otis’ caring and considerate nature wins her over, and she falls in love with him. Otis, however, is still hung up on Maeve and doesn’t reciprocate Ruby’s feelings, following which they break up.

While their break-up had some bad blood, it wasn’t enough to not let them be friends anymore. In the new school, both Otis and Ruby come across unexpected challenges. Otis thought he would start a sex clinic in Cavendish, but then, he discovers that a girl named O has already taken his place. Meanwhile, Ruby realizes that the crowd in Cavendish is not like Moordale Secondary. Here, no one looks at her twice, and she immediately finds herself in the category of someone no one wants to be friends with.

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Ruby realizes that she can only become popular again by becoming friends with Abbi, Roman, and Aisha. She also knows Otis has a problem with O, who turns out to be someone Ruby knows rather well. It’s the girl who humiliated Ruby when they were little and turned her life around. Ruby never got revenge on O, but now she has a plan with which she can do that while also getting back her popularity.

Ruby advises Otis to solve Abbi and Roman’s relationship crisis to beat O at her game. In return, she wants him to put in a good word for her with them. Initially, Otis doesn’t believe this trick will work, but then, he discovers that Ruby is right. So, when his argument with O leads them to indulge in an election, Otis asks for Ruby’s help. After some deliberation, she decides to be his campaign manager.

Working with each other, Ruby and Otis return to being the way they used to be. They realize how much they enjoy each other’s company. Ruby, especially, falls back into that pattern more easily because she already feels alone with her friends Olivia and Anwar, having left for another school. At one point, Otis and Ruby end up sleeping next to each other. While nothing untoward happens, Otis feels like they have crossed a line, especially because he is with Maeve.

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Before they can resolve this matter, Maeve comes back to Moordale, and with her arrival, Otis’s attention diverts entirely to her. While Ruby tries to keep in touch with him regarding the election, Otis ignores her, mainly because he still hasn’t talked to Maeve about sleeping with Ruby. When Ruby discovers that Maeve is in town, she realizes she’d been mistaken to think Otis had feelings for her again. Eric, too, points out that when Maeve is around, Otis doesn’t see anyone else.

Eventually, Maeve and Otis break up, and Ruby moves on as well. Otis reconciles with Ruby, especially after she backs another contestant in the election. They don’t get back together because both Otis and Ruby know where Otis’ heart lies. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be civil with each other. In the end, they settle their differences and become friends again.

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