Sex Education Season 4: Why Did Maeve and Isaac Break Up?

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ follows the lives of the teenagers in Moordale Secondary as they navigate the uncharted waters of their sexuality. The protagonists of the story are Otis and Maeve, who were in entirely different social circles before collaborating on the idea of starting a sex clinic. Working together, they realize how much they have in common and start liking each other, but the timing is never on their side, and soon, they move on to other relationships.

While Otis explores other options, Maeve meets Isaac. Their relationship goes through a few ups and downs, but by the fourth and final season, they have settled their differences and are now good friends. If you want a refresher on why Maeve and Isaac broke off their relationship, here’s what you should know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD

Why Did Maeve and Isaac Break Up?

Image Credits: Samuel Taylor/Netflix

Maeve and Isaac meet each other at the trailer park where they live. Initially, they don’t like each other, but with time, they discover they are more alike than they thought. By this time, Maeve and Otis have developed feelings for each other, but Otis is with Ola. As her friendship with Isaac strengthens, Maeve decides to explore her feelings for him, and they get together. But around the same time, Otis and Ola break up.

At the end of Season 2, Otis sends a voicemail to Maeve, confessing his feelings for her and telling her he loves her. When the voicemail arrives, Maeve’s phone is at Isaac’s place. He knows that should Maeve hear this message, she will leave him and go to Otis. So, he deleted the voicemail. If Maeve doesn’t listen to it, she won’t know about Otis’ feelings, and Isaac would never have to worry about anything. That’s what happens.

By the beginning of Season 3, things get tense between Otis and Maeve. He thinks she listened to the voicemail but chose to ignore it. He also gets into a relationship with Ruby, which further confuses Maeve. She can’t understand why Otis is ignoring her and treating her like they are not even friends anymore. It isn’t until much later that Isaac comes clean about what he did. He tells Maeve about the voicemail, following which Maeve stops talking to him for a while.

Eventually, Maeve forgives Isaac, and things go rather well between them for a while. But then, the France trip happens. By now, Maeve knows about the voicemail but doesn’t know what was in it. When she and Otis are stranded at a gas station, she tells him what Isaac did and asks him what the voicemail was about. He tells her exactly what he said that day about being in love with her. Because Maeve still feels the same way about him, they kiss each other but don’t get together just yet.

Image Credit: Samuel Taylor/Netflix

When Maeve returns home, she is still with Isaac, but she is conflicted about her feelings for Otis, knowing he likes her too. Isaac senses that something has changed following the trip and asks Maeve if something happened there. She doesn’t tell him, but Isaac can sense the tension between her and Otis, especially on the day when Maeve looks for her sister, who was kidnapped by her mother.

By the final episode of the season, things have drastically changed for Maeve. She decides to leave the trailer park and move in with Anna, who is fostering Maeve’s sister Elsie. By now, Isaac knows things have broken beyond repair between him and Maeve. As she leaves the trailer, Maeve also bids goodbye to Isaac. While they break up, it is amicable. They settle their differences and decide that it’s for the best that they remain friends from now on.

The fact that Isaac and Maeve leave things on friendly terms is proven in the fourth season. By now, Maeve has moved to America while Otis and the others are attending Cavendish College, the same place Isaac goes. When Aimee and Isaac cross paths, Maeve encourages her best friend to become friends with Isaac because she thinks they’d get along with each other rather well. This shows that Maeve has forgiven Isaac for deleting the voicemail that could have brought her together with Otis and moved on.

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