Shaticka Robinson: Where is Barbecue Showdown Season 3 Winner Now?

Although Shaticka Coley Robinson is a professionally trained chef, her true passion is barbecuing, owing to the simple fact that this traditionally hearty food is what feels like home to her. Thus, it is no surprise that she is a rising star in the industry, which has already resulted in her featuring in Netflix’s ‘Barbecue Showdown’ season 3 as a hopeful contestant. Little did the talented cook know this competition series would turn her whole life upside down for good — she won the metaphorical crown, $50,000 cash, plus a new offset smoker.

Shaticka Robinson Always Put Her Heart on the Table

If there’s one thing Shaticka made evident from the moment she first came across our screens, it’s that what matters most to her is using rich flavors that portray her story and who she really is. “I’m the bougiest barbecuer you’ve ever met,” she conceded in the original production at one point. “… I want the best ingredients. I want the best cuts of meat. I want the best wood. That’s how you’re gonna have some bougie food up on that smoker.” The fact these same “bougie” elements are also one of the best ways to introduce a Caribbean profile into food is also a big part of this process for her because that’s what she ultimately loves.

Shaticka is admittedly not Jamaican or from that immediate area in any way, shape, or form, yet she believes her soul must’ve passed through there since she feels a deep connection with their food. That’s why she actually made Caribbean Rub Dino Ribs for both the first challenge as well as the finale, just for her efforts to eventually pay off as she earned the title of ‘Barbecue Showdown’ Champion. Now, she openly admits this experience was one she’ll remember for the rest of her years because of not only her win but also the incredible, like-minded forever friends she found along the way.

Shaticka Robinson’s Coley’s Jook Junt Dream is Now a Reality

During the finale, Shaticka revealed she wishes to one day establish a barbecue joint by the name of Coley’s Jook Junt, completely unaware it won’t remain just an aspiration for much longer. She did actually get a taste of how she’d run it while going through the grand closing round, only to then get to expand on that particular journey upon returning to her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The truth is she’d been trying to make this eatery happen since at least 2020, and today, it does exist as a food truck/catering business/brand, likely thanks to the ample funds she acquired as the winner.

As for why Coley’s Jook Junt means so much to Shaticka, it is her history — her maiden name is Coley, her army veteran father was a native of Georgia — where the term “Juke Joint” was often used — and she initially learned the art of cooking from him plus her loving mother. Therefore, this establishment is essentially a way in which she’s paying homage to her parents while still sticking to her unique style — her extensive menu even includes her specialty rib rub, smoked oxtails, as well as southern cheese squares (finale-winning meal).

Coming to how Shaticka’s Coley’s Jook Junt is also a brand, this Nashville State Community College Culinary Arts graduate and Tennessee State University Business graduate has since launched a gluten-free Rib Rub mix under its comprehensive barbecuing banner. As if that’s not enough, the Real Estate Agent turned Executive Chef at Tennessee University State — ARAMARK Higher Education is now the owner of a merchandise line called Bougie Barbecue, which is only exclusively available at the Coley’s Jook Junt website.

Shaticka Robinson is a Family Woman

While it’s unclear precisely when Shaticka first met Duane Robinson, we have been able to confirm their involvement dates back to even before early 2013, when she was briefly a single mother. Their pure romance then grew to such an extent they decided to tie the knot, following which they have apparently blissfully been raising their blended brood of 5 in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee.

We specify “blissfully” because the way Shaticka, Duane, and their children have always/continue to unwaveringly support one another at every step in life is proof there is mutual understanding, respect, as well as openness between them. Hence, of course, they all back the Executive Chef plus Pitmaster in her endeavors, all the while also encouraging her to keep up with her other passions — she seemingly loves golfing and has a soft spot for elephants, too.

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