Shawn and Alliya From 90 Day Fiancé: Everything We Know

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise’ unveils the dynamics of love blossoming amidst diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Amidst the array of couples finding their way through the complexities of their relationships, Shawn and Alliya emerge as a couple struggling with their challenges in their three-year-long journey. With each episode uncovering layers of their intertwined lives, viewers are drawn into the saga of Shawn and Alliya, witnessing their struggles, triumphs, and the undeniable bond that binds them together against all odds. As they confront their deepest insecurities and past traumas, their journey becomes a story of resilience, love, and determination.

Shawn is Based in America, While Alliya Hails From Brazil

Shawn, a seasoned hairstylist with over six decades of experience, reflects on his lifelong career with a sense of fulfillment and pride. At 61, he cherishes his profession’s opportunity to uplift others and instill confidence through his craft. With a repertoire that includes work on renowned film and television productions such as ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Ugly Betty,’ Shawn’s talent extends far beyond the salon chair. Despite a previous marriage spanning 14 years, Shawn’s journey of self-discovery took a turn after his divorce, prompting him to explore his sexuality and venture into the realm of dating with newfound openness and authenticity.

Challenges from a young age marked Alliya’s journey to self-acceptance and identity. Assigned male at birth, the beachwear designer faced the upheaval of her parent’s divorce at just five years old, after which she found refuge in the care of her grandparents. Raised in a household where traditional views on sexuality and gender prevailed, Alliya grappled with feelings of guilt and shame as a teenager, struggling to articulate her true self to her family. Despite the internal turmoil, she found a way to express herself as she liked best.

Shawn and Alliya Met After 8 Months of Being Apart

Shawn and Alliya met via a dating app and started talking to each other more frequently. Their exchanges soon transcended the confines of virtual communication as they started going on adventures together, nurturing the seeds of their burgeoning relationship. During a transformative trip to Spain, their bond deepened approximately three years before their appearance on the series. Against the vibrant backdrop of a gay pride parade, Alliya found herself encouraged by Shawn to explore a newfound expression of self.

Embracing the opportunity to don a wig and transform into a vivacious drag queen, she underwent a metamorphosis, shedding her introverted demeanor in favor of uninhibited exuberance, dancing, and singing with newfound confidence on the boat deck. In the ensuing years, Alliya embarked on a journey of self-discovery, increasingly drawn to the idea of transitioning to align with her true identity.

With each passing day, she embraced her authentic self more wholeheartedly, reflecting her inner truth through her outward appearance and demeanor. In the year preceding the series, Shawn had been planning to propose to her, and in the eight months that they had been apart, he had been planning the proposal. He wanted it to be extravagant and everything Alliya wanted it to be.

Shawn and Alliya Faced Some Serious Issues

Shawn struggled with his deepest apprehensions, trying to understand that his love had blossomed for the Alliya they met during the Spain trip, unaware of what to anticipate from their long-awaited reunion. He said, “I fell in love with Douglas (Alliya’s deadname), and now you are asking me to kill Douglas.” The eight-month hiatus had sown seeds of uncertainty, leaving him adrift in a sea of doubt about whether he truly knew the essence of Alliya as a person. This impending reunion, he sensed, would unfurl a range of emotions and challenges distinct from their prior encounters, marking a pivotal juncture in their journey.

Alliya firmly asserted her stance, emphasizing that Shawn must embrace her unconditionally, for she is not merely a character she plays but an authentic expression of her true self. She adamantly declared that her identity as Alliya is her present and future, and it would be unjust to demand that she revert to a persona of the past that no longer resonates with her identity. Though they faced an apparent impasse, both harbored hopes of getting through this transformative phase and finding common ground amid the tumult of change.

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