Are Shekeb and Emily From I Love a Mama’s Boy Still Together?

TLC’s ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ is a reality show that explores romantic relationships in which the boyfriends/fiancés are overly attached and uncomfortably close to their mothers. Needless to say, this causes a considerable amount of drama, usually in the form of the girlfriends/fiancées fighting for love and affection with the mother of their respective partners. This bizarre but entertaining show first premiered on October 25, 2020, and attracted a wide audience due to its dramatic premise.

Shekeb and Emily are one of the most popular couples on the show. Shekeb’s mother, Laila, is open about her dislike for Emily and maintains a tight grip on her son. Understandably, fans of ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ are curious to know whether Shekeb and Emily are still together. Well, here’s everything we know about the current status of Shekeb and Emily’s relationship!

Shekeb and Emily: I Love a Mama’s Boy Journey

Shekeb and Emily fell in love a few years ago, a situation they described as “love at first sight.” Talking about their first meeting, Shekeb, an actor, said, “We instantly just clicked.” In 2020, when ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ had begun filming, they had reached the two-year mark of their relationship. It seemed like the two were getting ready to settle down for the long run. Emily, who has a marketing degree, even revealed that they wished to move in and start a family of their own.

However, Shekeb’s now-62-year-old mother Laila complicated her son’s romantic life by openly being hostile towards Emily, even going to the extent of claiming that “Shekeb is mine.” While Shekeb’s father is fully accepting of Emily, his mother, Laila, is clearly the pain point in the relationship as she wishes to find a Muslim girl for Shekeb. She disapproves of Emily’s Korean roots and believes that she is out to exploit her son for money.

Therefore, Emily and Laila frequently engage in emotional and verbal tugs-of-war with Shekeb caught in the middle. With their fights being almost too childish and dramatic to be true, fans often wonder about the extent of their relationship’s troubles. Throughout the show, Shekeb uncomfortably and weakly tried to dissipate the tension but rarely ever stood up for his girlfriend.

At one point in the show, Emily remarked, “His whole life revolves around his mother.” Well, the observation made a whole world of sense to fans when they witnessed the trio’s dynamic for themselves. Laila had responded to Emily’s complaint with “I don’t see anything wrong about it.” Did Shekeb begin to see Emily’s point of view or decide to just let Laila spoon feed him (quite literally) for life? Let’s find out whether Emily and Shekeb’s bond stood the test of time!

Are Shekeb and Emily Still Together?

Shekeb and Emily had planned to move in together in the first season, but Laila’s bold objection forced Shekeb to have second thoughts about his decision. Season 2 of the reality TV show saw the couple finally discussing marriage and finances. However, Emily’s desire to be a stay-at-home girlfriend, born out of the belief that women belong inside the house, shocked Shekeb, who wants an earning partner.

Emily reiterated that, despite her current working status, she wishes to be like her mother, who ran the household. “It’s like if we’re together, I’m your mother now,” she said. Emily also demanded a $40,000 engagement ring for their engagement, despite Shekeb’s insistence that it was beyond his budget. “I didn’t see this coming at all. I’m starting to get worried that I cannot afford Emily’s expectations in life,” stated Shekeb in his confessional.

Despite these developments, Shekeb and Emily still seem to be together. The two intermittently post updates about the show on their social media but do not share any other photos of each other or their relationship. While this does seem unusual considering that the couple claims to madly be in love, as of now there is no official information stating that the two have broken up.

Fans continue to leave comments on their posts, with many urging Emily to move on from Shekeb since the mother-son duo has no established boundaries. Others tell Shekeb to find someone who has career goals, seeing as Emily wishes to be a stay-at-home girlfriend with a luxurious life. Emily and Shekeb respond to these comments as well, often portraying each other in a negative light. However, until they openly announce their breakup, we can safely infer they are still in a relationship, albeit unhealthy.

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