Shereese Logan From Ready to Love: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Shareese Logan/Instagram

Conceiving the possibilities of a genuine connection, several individuals embark on an exuberant journey in ‘Ready to Love: Make a Move.’ The Oprah Winfrey Network show chronicles the lives of a group of singles as they explore their compatibility with each other. The series features four single women from previous editions of ‘Ready to Love’ who enter the arena of dating once again and make a life-changing decision. Shareese Logan is one of the unique personalities whose vivacious demeanor has made fans curious. So, if you’re also wondering more about the reality television show star, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Shareese Logan’s Age and Background

Born in Miami, Florida, Shareese found herself gravitating towards artistic pursuits early on. By the age of 14, the television personality had already set up a nail business and experimented with unique styles. As a young woman, Shareese had a terrible case of acne that left her trying a myriad of skincare regimes. However, it wasn’t until she met the right esthetician that she managed to recoup from her problems. This experience became a momentous time in her life as it shaped her ambitions.

To accrue new experiences and further develop her skills, she enrolled at the University of Maryland. Here, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations. While her time in college helped her learn the intricacies of business and ownership, Shareese’s fascination with creative pursuits led her to gain other specializations, too. Later, she enrolled at the Von Lee International School of Aesthetics to study Scientific Skin Care and Makeup. With an arsenal of knowledge up her sleeve, Shareese then began her journey as a professional.

Shareese Logan’s Profession

Fascinated by the contours of skincare and dermatology, Shareese began her career as an esthetician after receiving the right training. For decades, the television personality increased her client roster by providing unparalleled services as a beauty consultant. From providing facials, makeup, and all kinds of cosmetic care to her clients, Shareese quickly learned the financial aspect of beauty and skincare. Later, she held a four-year stint at Exhale Spa as a Medical Esthetician before devoting her time and resources to building her business from the ground up.

Having collaborated with models, athletes from the Miami Heat, and pop stars, Shareese learned the ways in which she could cater to a wide range of skin types and consumers who wished to improve their regime. In the fall of 2013, she launched her own line of skincare products. With over a decade of experience, Shareese combined her background in 5-star treatments with the latest technological inventions to deliver products that would help consumers maintain a healthy spa glow between treatments.

With ample experience in skincare, it isn’t surprising that the skincare savant has also worked as an esthetician at the renowned Four Seasons’ Miami Institute for Age Management. While her experiential knowledge aids in creating skincare treatments that help clients maintain a lifelong healthy glow, her insight as a trusted esthetician helps in delivering equally great results. Fans and readers can head on over to her website and avail of her products or book an appointment to kickstart their journey into a rejuvenated skincare regimen.

Is Shareese Logan Dating Anyone?

No, Shareese Logan is not dating anyone. Having appeared on OWN’s ‘Ready to Love,’ Shareese had hoped to find her one true love on the reality show. However, she failed to make the lifelong connection she had anticipated. The television personality first met Mike, a 45-year-old divorcee with a kid. Before long, Shareese realized she couldn’t see a future with Mike. However, it was later revealed that Mike’s child and his divorce would be “baggage” she couldn’t handle. Other than a brief encounter with prospects, Shareese has yet to find someone who could win her heart. So, as far as we can tell, the esthetician is currently single.

Moreover, the absence of a partner on her social media also leads us to believe that she is single as of writing. Besides work and finding love, Shareese had also been embroiled in a controversy. In December 2019, the television personality was accused of allegedly rear-ending a Miami native’s Silver Subaru Sedan. According to reports, the survivor alleged Shareese, who went by Chareese back then, had fled the scene and hurt the man in question. She was reportedly charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the accident scene. However, there has been no official update on the case, and even Shareese has remained quiet on the matter.

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