Shinobi no Ittoki Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ episode 12 titled ‘Ittoki the ninja,’ the titular protagonist heads to the Koga chief’s headquarters along with Kousetsu and Tokisada. When they later fight the Asuras, Kirei and Ryouko join the trio. Ittoki eventually confronts Kidou Minobe hoping to find some semblance of humanity in him so that he can forgive him for his mother’s murder. Unfortunately, Minobe is inflexible and cruel despite all his efforts, and when Ittoki tries to walk away with Kousetsu, he picks up his weapon again in a last-ditch effort to kill the acting Iga chief.

Shinobi no Ittoki Season 1 Finale Recap

After Iga villagers are informed about his plan, Ittoki sets out to talk to the acting Koga chief. While he wants to go alone, Kousetsu and Tokisada join him despite his protests. Once they get to the headquarters, the trio is surrounded and then attacked as they are seen as a threat. Interestingly, Kirei and Ryouku join them so that they can achieve their goal. While the duo decides to handle things on the ground floor, the trio moves above.

Tokisada also ends up handling an attack on another floor while Kousetsu and Ittoki try to reach Kidou as soon as possible. Just before they get to the Koga chief, they face some senior members of the present regime. Suzaku arrives on the scene and attacks his own clan members allowing Ittoki and Kousetsu to move ahead. After learning how highly they think of Kidou and disrespect his father, Suzaku does not think twice before eliminating them.

How Does Ittoki Expose Koga Chief? Is Kidou Minobe Dead?

After Ittoki and Kousetsu finally make it to Kidou Minobe’s office, they find him sitting at his table with no intention to run away. Without wasting any time, Ittoki offers to give him the secret Iga ninja core on the condition that all the Asuras will be destroyed, Koga will make peace with the rest of the ninja world, and the acting chief of the village will openly admit all the crimes that he has committed. Kidou does not even think once before refusing to accept Ittoki’s deal.

In the face of uncertainty, Kidou seems very confident. Ittoki tries to empathize with the acting Koga chief by arguing that ninja life is undoubtedly tough and all the bloodshed does leave people involved with lifelong scars. He tries to rationalize Kidou’s action from his own moral perspective but it turns out that he is absolutely wrong. Kidou openly admits to killing people like flies for the sake of his own goals. He is inflexible and does not seem to accept any worldview that goes against the one that he has imagined.

Without any care for his own well-being, Kidou immediately wears his own ninja core and starts fighting. Ittoki and Kousetsu are startled by his relentless attacks. When the latter gets injured, the former continues to fight until Kidou appears unthreatening. But just when Ittoki tries to walk away with Kousetsu, Kidou tries to attack again only to be stopped and then immediately killed by Tokisada. It turns out that Ittoki has visited the Koga chief’s headquarters equipped with a camera and microphone.

Ittoki’s conversation was therefore recorded and directly given to the NSC who were involved in the entire operation. This is why Ittoki was not interested in fighting Kidou even though he has killed his mother. The evidence could have been used to prove Kidou’s crimes and put him on trial had he not been killed by Tokisada. But even after his death, at least the evidence could still be used to convince the ninja world how corrupted the former Koga chief was and his twisted plans were dangerous for everyone.

What Happens to Tokisada? How Do His Actions Shape the Ninja World?

After killing Kidou Minobe, Tokisada bravely takes responsibility and tells Ittoki that he could not have allowed him to carry such a heavy burden. Shione along with other members of the NSC arrives on the murder scene immediately afterward and she declares Tokisada a fugitive after he runs away. In the following years, NSC continues to look for him but to no avail. Several years after Kidou’s death, Shione meets Kozo and asks him about Tokisada.

She learns that he continues to protect the Iga village from the shadows but no one really knows about his whereabouts. Interestingly, Sazaku succeeded Kidou as the new Chief of the Koga clan and ensured that the village establishes friendly relationships with other ninja clans. After decades of conflict, the ninja world is finally at peace. It seems that Ittoki has also started working just like any other ordinary salaryman and acts as if ninjas don’t even exist.

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