Shoresy Ending, Explained: Who Wins the Hockey Championship?

‘Shoresy’ follows the foul-mouthed titular character who vows to not allow his struggling hockey team to lose another match. The Sudbury Bulldogs, subsequently renamed the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs, is on the verge of folding when Shoresy and his loyal sidekick Sanguinet decide to shake things up. With only four matches left in the season, the team follows some creative strategies, including the foolproof practice of bringing the “lumber.” So how do things go down at the end of ‘Shoresy’? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Shoresy Season 1 Recap

The season opens on a sports talk show sponsored by Bro Dude Energy Drink (one of the show’s many ‘Letterkenny‘ references) where the panelists discuss some of the dirtiest tricks in hockey. The dirtiest player is, unsurprisingly, Shoresy and we then see some of the titular character’s worst offenses on (and off) the ice. Despite his notoriety, Shoresy’s team, the Sudbury Bulldogs, have chalked up 20 losses in the current season and the frustrated team owner, Nat, threatens to disband the team.

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In order to stop the team from folding, and also because he absolutely hates losing, Shoresy comes up with a strategy to salvage the Bulldogs. He soon hires a group of gritty, brawling former hockey players to join the team. Three prison guards, all named Jim, are also hired to play defense. The adjustments seem to work for the Bulldogs, who are subsequently renamed the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs to appease investors. After two victories and a brawl that results in a canceled match, the team reaches the all-important season finals.

Unfortunately, the team that the Bulldogs are up against is the Soo Cyclones, who are, by popular opinion, “just so good!” The nerves begin to kick in before the game and one of the star players, JJ Frankie JJ, takes off for Quebec to try and win back his girlfriend. In desperation, Shoresy turns to one of the backup players to fill in.

Shoresy Season 1 Ending: Do the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs Win Against the Soo Cyclones?

The championship finals are brutal for the Bulldogs and by the end of the second period, the home team is down five points. The Soo Cyclones live up to their reputation and Nat, who is so far jubilant about seeing her stadium almost a quarter full, begins to consider the possibility of defeat.

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Even Shoresy realizes that defeat and the subsequent disbanding of their team are imminent. He fires up his teammates for one last hurrah in their home stadium and tells them to bring the “lumber.” Predictably, bringing the “lumber” involves audacious violence on the ice against the opposing team and the Soo Cyclones even concede a few goals. Ultimately, Nat decides to not shut down the Bulldogs and agrees to fund another season for the team. The season closes with Shoresy sitting alone in the locker room, thinking about how he can raise his game.

Though the Bulldogs lose the championship match to the Soo Cyclones, the post-match atmosphere is one of victory. With their violent tactics in the last period, the Bulldogs have essentially shown their opponents what they are capable of in future matches. Thus, the Soo Cyclones are going to be quite nervous about playing against Shoresy’s team in the future.

The match is also a victory of sorts for Sudbury because the team puts on quite a show for the home crowd. The loyal fans seem too enamored by their team’s audacious violence to care about the score and Shoresy’s wish of giving the fans a good show is fulfilled. Things look good for Nat as well, since she finally manages to get more than a dozen spectators in her stadium.

Does Nat Fold the Hockey Team?

Things ultimately end quite well for the Bulldogs as, after facing an almost certain end, the team gets to play another season. Seeing their win streak after losing every match of the season, Nat realizes that, with Shoresy’s audacious changes to the roster, her team has the potential to do well.

Specifically, as the titular character cheekily clarifies, the Bulldogs might not have the skills to win but they definitely have the brawn (as is demonstrated on multiple occassions). With season opener matches being especially violent, Shoresy reckons the team has a good chance of doing well if they stick to their strategy of bringing the “lumber.” Thus, the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs live to (literally) fight another day.

What’s Next for Shoresy?

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The season ends with Shoresy looking pensively at a gym weight after Nat asks him how he is going to raise his game for the following season. Though our foul-mouthed hero doesn’t have a ready retort for once, he seems to have a plan in mind. It is clear that Shoresy plans on being even more audaciously violent in the upcoming hockey season and his look toward the gym equipment could signify that he means to bulk up. From the looks of it, it appears that Shoresy has finally found his crowd in the Sudsbury Bulldogs and he is probably going to stay with the team for as long as they allow him to be himself.

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