Shotgun Wedding Ending: Do Darcy and Tom Get Married?

Image Credit: Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

Prime Video’s ‘Shotgun Wedding’ is a romantic comedy that makes things a little interesting for its characters by introducing the element of danger. There are just as many action scenes as there are laughs in the movie, and altogether, this is a recipe for entertainment. Apart from being a comedy, the film also acts as a mystery and takes many twists and turns to reveal the real culprit behind the whole thing. Throughout the movie, two important questions linger for the audience. Why did the pirates target Darcy and Tom, and whether or not the two of them will still go through with the wedding? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Shotgun Wedding Plot Synopsis

Image Credits: Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

For Tom, the most important thing was to get everything right on the wedding day because he wanted to make his wife-to-be as well as his parents happy. For Darcy, the most important thing was to get married to Tom. In fact, she didn’t even want such a huge wedding. She only went through with it to make Tom happy. This unresolved issue between them comes to the fore right before the wedding ceremony, spurred by the arrival of Darcy’s ex, Sean, who is much more charismatic than him.

Tom and Darcy’s argument explodes to the point that they decide to call off the wedding. Darcy storms away in anger, throwing away her engagement ring. The fact that the wedding is over should be the cause of concern, but this is overshadowed by the arrival of a group of masked gunmen who hold every guest hostage. As they begin their search for Tom and Darcy, who have managed to not get caught somehow, the captors demand a ransom from Darcy’s dad. It looks like just another robbery, but by the end, a completely different picture comes out, one that has a huge impact on Darcy and Tom’s relationship.

Shotgun Wedding Ending: Who Hired the Pirates?


The fact that pirates are a well-known menace on the island is established early in the film. This is the evening before the wedding when Tom was trying to prep the boat for the next day. A guard mistakes him for a pirate. Later, it is revealed that Tom knew about the danger of pirates on the island, but he kept it a secret from Darcy because he didn’t want her to worry. He also didn’t want to let go of the Philippines which was a considerably cheaper location for the destination wedding.

It is the cover of this threat that Sean, Darcy’s ex-boyfriend, uses to interrupt her wedding. At first, everyone thinks that the gunmen are local pirates, but Tom notices that they weren’t acting like the everyday pirates, who were known for their quick in-and-out policy. These pirates were more persistent and violent and seemed to have a different agenda. The fact that one of them had the wedding invitation which they could have only received from one of the guests also leads Tom to believe that one of the guests is behind all of it.

It turns out that Sean had planned the entire thing to rob Darcy’s father of his money. Even though Robert liked Sean and wanted him to be his son-in-law, Sean was dissatisfied with having to work for Robert and not getting his due. He plans to take Robert’s money, knowing that the old man would give anything to save his daughter, and Sean didn’t do it alone. Robert’s new girlfriend, Harriet, who was actually Sean’s girlfriend, was in on all of it.

Do Darcy and Tom Marry Each Other?


The way Darcy and Tom leave things between them just before the wedding ceremony was supposed to happen, it looks like they might make it out alive, but their relationship won’t. However, by the end of the day, they witness a new side of each other. The extenuating circumstances test their mettle and they realize that no matter what challenges are placed in front of them, they survive, as long as they are working together.

Considering everything, the gunmen crashing their wedding is actually a blessing in disguise for them. Without their interruption, Darcy and Tom, in their anger, would’ve surely called quits on the entire thing. However, the immediate threat gives them some space to think about their relationship and address the issues that both of them had been avoiding, using the excuse of keeping one another happy.

In the end, when both Harriet and Sean have been dealt with, Tom and Darcy find themselves back on the beach where they were supposed to have shared their wedding vows that morning. Tom proposes a fresh start for them, indicating that he still wants to be with Darcy. She, on the other hand, has something else in mind. She believes that they don’t need a fresh start. In fact, they should continue with their relationship, which despite its ups and downs, is something worth not giving up on.

Previously, Darcy expressed the desire to not have a lavish wedding, or even get married at all. But in the end, she gets down on one knee and proposes to Tom. He says yes, and the same evening, they get married. It looks nothing like what Tom had planned. The seating arrangement is messed up and the decoration is destroyed. But he realizes that all he needs is to be with Darcy. The group quickly puts everything together and Tom and Darcy get married the same evening.

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