Why Did Darcy and Sean Break Up in Shotgun Wedding?

Image Credit: Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

Prime Video’s action rom-com ‘Shotgun Wedding’ takes place on the day of Tom and Darcy’s wedding. Just like every other couple, they are the right mix of nervous and excited about the day. It doesn’t look like anything that they can’t get over. However, things take a really bad turn the next morning when Tom and Darcy are forced to deal with some suppressed issues brought to the fore by the arrival of Darcy’s ex-boyfriend, Sean. Played by Lenny Kravitz, Sean is the definition of charm and charisma. He immediately captures the room, is liked by everyone, and knows just the right thing to say at the right time, unlike Tom, who really messes up his speech. This makes one wonder why did Darcy ever break up with Sean. What happened between them? Here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Ruined Darcy’s Relationship with Sean?

Darcy and Sean met each other while working for the Peace Corps in Bali. They instantly bonded and found a lot of things in common with one another. They discovered many things about each other and even developed inside jokes in a different language, which gave them a connection that they could never share with anyone else. This spark led to a romantic relationship in which Darcy was really invested. After some time, when Sean proposed, Darcy said yes. But then, before they could even reach the wedding day, Darcy decided to break things off with Sean.

Image Credit: Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

Tom knew about all this, but when Sean shows up on the night of the rehearsal dinner for their wedding, his insecurities start to act up. Sean instantly takes away his thunder and Tom realizes that, at his own wedding, he is less popular than his wife-to-be’s ex-boyfriend. On top of that, he sees that Sean and Darcy have maintained their friendship even now, and clearly, his father-in-law loves Sean more than him. So much, in fact, that the old man forced his daughter to invite her ex to the wedding.

Considering how Sean seemed to be so perfect and he also had Darcy’s father’s complete approval, something that Tom still hadn’t managed to get, he wonders why Darcy broke up with him in the first place. He asks her this question the night before their wedding, and she tries to deflect the question, not wanting to discuss the details of her previous relationship with the man she’s about to marry. After Tom’s persistent requests, she relents and tells him why she broke up with the seemingly perfect Sean.

When Darcy and Sean got engaged, he started to work with Darcy’s father. It was alright until Darcy started to notice some changes in Sean. Unlike his usual self, he seemed to get more focused on money and, in some ways, turned into her father. These changes didn’t sit well with Darcy because she had not fallen in love with this version of him. The man in front of her now was not the same person anymore, and so, she decided to break things off, rather than go through with the wedding, be unhappy for a while and then get a divorce.

It turns out that Darcy’s decision was very wise because Sean really had become so greedy that he ended up hiring a group of thugs to endanger the lives of several people and force Darcy’s father to pay him millions of dollars. This is not the person that Darcy could have spent the rest of her life with. No matter how great he looked on the surface, Darcy saw through Sean and acted in time to save herself from a bleak future.

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