8 Adult Animated Shows Like Carol and The End of the World You Must See

In the animated realm of ‘Carol & The End of the World,’ created by Dan Guterman exclusively for Netflix, chaos and comedy collide in a unique apocalyptic narrative. As a mysterious celestial body hurtles towards Earth, impending extinction casts a surreal backdrop. Amidst a world reveling in the pursuit of unfettered desires, one solitary, perennially uncomfortable woman finds herself adrift amidst the hedonistic masses. Dan Guterman paints this animated series as more than just a humorous take on the apocalypse; it’s a poignant ode to routine, an exploration of the comforts found in life’s mundane rituals. Brace yourself for an existential comedy that delves into the gaps that define our daily existence, and here are 8 shows similar to ‘Carol & The End of the World’ you must see.

8. Adventure Beast (2021)

‘Adventure Beast,’ an animated series created by Mark Gravas and Bradley Trevor Greive, embarks on a thrilling journey akin to ‘Carol & The End of the World.’ Fueled by an imminent cataclysm, ‘Adventure Beast’ explores a world on the brink of extinction, mirroring the apocalyptic themes of its counterpart. As chaos looms, the show delves into the lives of its characters, inviting viewers to witness the diverse ways they grapple with impending doom. Much like ‘Carol & The End of the World,’ ‘Adventure Beast’ captures the essence of human response to the crisis, intertwining humor and introspection in the face of existential challenges, making it a good watch for those drawn to animated narratives of impending chaos and personal revelation.

7. The Simpsons (1989-)

In the vibrant and iconic world of ‘The Simpsons,’ the animated series mirrors the essence of ‘Carol & The End of the World’ with its timeless blend of humor and social commentary. While ‘Carol & The End of the World’ explores an impending apocalypse, ‘The Simpsons’ navigates the everyday apocalypse of suburban life with satirical brilliance. Both shows capture the human experience amidst chaos, whether it’s a mysterious planet hurtling towards Earth or the comical misadventures of the Simpson family. ‘The Simpsons,’ a cultural phenomenon, showcases how animated narratives can seamlessly intertwine with societal reflections, making it a classic choice for those seeking animated tales that cleverly mirror the quirks and challenges of the human condition.

6. Adventure Time (2010-2018)

‘Adventure Time,’ a whimsical animated masterpiece created by Pendleton Ward, presents a fantastical realm that resonates with the apocalyptic charm of ‘Carol & The End of the World.’ In the Land of Ooo, where post-apocalyptic remnants coexist with magic and adventure, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog embark on surreal quests. Ward’s creation, much like ‘Carol,’ skillfully blends humor with existential themes, inviting viewers into a vibrant world where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary. Notable voice actors, including Jeremy Shada as Finn and John DiMaggio as Jake, breathe life into the quirky characters, enhancing the show’s enchanting narrative. ‘Adventure Time’ stands as a testament to animated storytelling’s limitless possibilities, captivating audiences with its unique blend of whimsy, humor, and profound reflections on life’s journey.

5. The Midnight Gospel (2020)

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

Created by Duncan Trussell and Pendleton Ward, ‘The Midnight Gospel’ is a mind-bending animated series that merges philosophy and adventure. The show follows Clancy, a spacecaster using a simulated multiverse to interview beings facing imminent death. The juxtaposition of profound discussions and surreal visuals sets it apart. Drawing parallels to ‘Carol & The End of the World,’ ‘The Midnight Gospel’ shares a thematic richness as both explore existential questions in unconventional settings. While ‘Carol’ contemplates routine amidst the apocalypse, ‘The Midnight Gospel’ depicts cosmic inquiries, linking the two in their profound exploration of life’s meaning amid extraordinary circumstances. The voice of Clancy is provided by Duncan Trussell himself, enhancing the authenticity of the character’s philosophical journey.

4. Animals. (2016-2018)

Created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, ‘Animals.’ is an animated series that takes a darkly comedic look at the lives of New York City’s anthropomorphic creatures. With each episode focusing on different characters, the show explores the absurdity of urban life from the perspective of pigeons, rats, and other critters. In a parallel to ‘Carol & The End of the World,’ ‘Animals.’ delves into the microcosm of existence, unraveling the daily struggles and eccentricities of its characters. Both shows share a knack for infusing humor into the mundane, offering animated narratives that find comedy in the quirks and struggles of life, whether in a human or animal form.

3. Disenchantment (2018-2023)

In the fantastical kingdom of Dreamland, created by Matt Groening and Josh Weinstein, ‘Disenchantment‘ weaves a medieval tale brimming with dark humor and magical misadventures. Following the escapades of the hard-drinking Princess Bean, her elf companion Elfo, and personal demon Luci, the show navigates through a world of sorcery, political intrigue, and unconventional friendships. Groening’s signature animation style breathes life into the characters, with Abbi Jacobson, Nat Faxon, and Eric Andre lending their voices to the main trio. ‘Disenchantment’ draws viewers into a realm where the absurdity of medieval life meets contemporary humor, and, much like ‘Carol & The End of the World,’ it cleverly blends fantasy escapades with introspective comedy, offering a fresh and entertaining perspective on the complexities of existence.

2. Mulligan (2023-)

Mulligan,’ the animated apocalyptic sitcom crafted by Sam Means and Robert Carlock for Netflix, unfolds a post-alien-attack narrative where humanity seizes a cosmic “do-over.” As survivors grapple with the remnants of Earth’s destruction, the show explores the prospect of a fresh start, emphasizing the imperative of collective effort to evade the pitfalls of history. With a voice cast featuring Nat Faxon, Chrissy Teigen, and Tina Fey, ‘Mulligan’ injects humor into the daunting task of rebuilding. In resonant harmony with ‘Carol & The End of the World,’ both series intricately weave existential reflections and comedic elements into the fabric of their apocalyptic storytelling.

1. Undone (2019-2022)

For fans enthralled by the existential charm of ‘Carol & The End of the World,’ ‘Undone‘ emerges as an irresistible gem. Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy, this visually stunning and thought-provoking animated series follows Alma Winograd-Diaz, played by Rosa Salazar, who discovers a newfound ability to manipulate time after a near-fatal car accident. Directed by Hisko Hulsing, ‘Undone’ blurs the lines between reality and perception, seamlessly blending the mundane with the extraordinary. With its captivating narrative, stellar cast including Bob Odenkirk, and innovative animation using rotoscope technology, ‘Undone’ beckons fans to embark on an introspective journey, mirroring the profound storytelling that captivated ‘Carol & The End of the World’ enthusiasts.

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