Clarkson’s Farm: 8 Similar Shows You Must See

Clarkson’s Farm‘ is a British documentary series that revolves around Jeremy Clarkson (a broadcaster and journalist), who is out of his element while running the Diddly Squat Farm. The show is renowned for being engaging, funny, and informative all at once. However, Jeremy is not alone in this journey. He is joined by experienced farmers who occasionally indulge in friendly banter with him.

Director Gavin Whitehead beautifully displays the endearing country life of farmers, and the show acts as an effective getaway from our concrete jungles. If you’ve been looking for another escape with farmlands, greenery, and poultry, then here’s a list of shows like ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ that checks all the boxes.

8. Farmen (2001-)

‘Farmen’ is a Swedish reality show where six women and six men live on a farm without the luxuries of modern life. They must fetch their own water, grow their food, and create their own source of entertainment without mobiles and telephones. Sweden is the origin country of this franchise that has been adopted by several countries around the globe. The show is also known as ‘Farmen Afrika,’ and unlike ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ laid-back vibe, it takes a more competitive approach where contestants have to fend for themselves.

7. Born Mucky: Life on the Farm (2020-)

‘Born Mucky: Life on the Farm’ is a window into the life of three traditional farmers. Each of them has a family to feed and profits to make, but they are constantly challenged by the hardships of their profession while trying to live off the grid. The show is a collaborative effort of several directors who encapsulate the turbulent nature of farming. For those who loved watching the expert farmers on ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ go about their day with a sound knowledge of their actions, this series will truly impress you.

6. City Life To Country Life (2020)

‘City Life To Country Life’ is a mini-documentary series that follows four undaunted and fearless British families who’ve refused to live the contemporary lifestyle of going to a 9-5 job, saving up for retirement, and dying. Instead, they are fully embracing each moment by living in the countryside. The series is directed by Nicola Tremain and Adam Darke, and viewers who enjoyed ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ for the country’s aesthetics will love how the two have encapsulated the beauty of the village lifestyle.

5. My Dream Farm (2010-)

‘My Dream Farm’ is another British reality show about where people abandoned their ordinary urban lives in search of something profound. The individuals decide to give. Farming a shot and receive training from Monty Don, who mentors the newbies. He gives gentle and non-judgemental guidance, which makes you appreciate him even more. Both series have a broadcaster who is a multi-talented person at the center of their series, who simply add wholesomeness to the show.

4. This Farming Life (2016-2022)

BBC’s ‘The Farming Life’ is a documentary that follows the hardships and triumphs of farmers. The show features five distinctive traditional farming families, each with its own set of problems and unique solutions. They reside in the enchanting parts of remote Scotland while thriving and being self-sufficient. The series is helmed by Steven Todd and is a must-watch for all the people who love the challenges faced by Clarkson on his farm because ‘The Farming Life’ gives you a whole new perspective into the difficulties faced by generational farmers.

3. Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales (2021-)

After his mother’s fatal accident, Matt Baker moves to his family’s sheep farm along with his wife and children in Durham hills. The family tries to adjust to the new rural lifestyle while also raising a baby. ‘Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales’ is directed by Matt himself for the most part. It is perfect for the viewers of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ who desire to see a family take charge and learn new ways of farming.

2. Gourmet Farmer (2010-)

In order to live on a tiny farm in Tasmania, Matthew Evans, Australia’s most well-known food critic, has given up his urban lifestyle. He will have to learn the knowledge and abilities necessary to grow and raise his own food from scratch in this new environment. The series is helmed by four talented directors who flawlessly capture the setbacks faced by farmers. Congruent to ‘Clarkson’s Farm, ‘ this show also has a rookie host who’s funny and trying to make sense of life at a farm.

1. Country Life for Half the Price (2020)

‘A Country Life for Half the Price’ is a show that focuses on families who move to the country to escape the high prices and hectic pace of metropolitan living. Each episode follows a different family as they look for their ideal home in the picturesque British countryside on a far lower budget than they would need to in the city.

As the families adjust to a slower pace of life and learn to enjoy the chances and peculiarities of their new surroundings, the show offers an intimate glimpse into the difficulties and benefits of rural living. ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ fans should undoubtedly watch this show to understand the challenges of farming for the majority of the population.

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