8 Thriller Shows Like Criminal Record You’ll Enjoy

In the gripping British crime thriller series, ‘Criminal Record,’ masterfully crafted by Paul Rutman and exclusively premiered on Apple TV+, a seasoned detective and a novice investigator find themselves at odds when an anonymous phone call resurfaces an old murder case. The plot unfolds as these two brilliant detectives engage in a compelling tug of war, revisiting a historic murder conviction. The show delves into the complexities of race, institutional shortcomings, and the challenging pursuit of common ground in a polarized Britain, making it a riveting exploration of crime, justice, and societal divides. Here’s a list of 8 shows like ‘Criminal Minds’ that are packed with gripping storylines and brilliant performances that warrant your attention.

8. Vigil (2021-)

Vigil,’ a British thriller series, features a stellar cast including Suranne Jones and Shaun Evans. Set aboard a nuclear submarine, the story unfolds when a mysterious death triggers a perilous investigation, unraveling dark secrets. Drawing parallels to ‘Criminal Record,’ both series delve into the complexities of crime and justice. While ‘Vigil’ navigates the suspenseful depths of a submarine, ‘Criminal Record’ explores the intricate dynamics between detectives entangled in an old murder case. Both shows captivate audiences with gripping narratives, weaving suspense and societal issues into the fabric of their crime-centric plots.

7. The Night Of (2016)

In ‘The Night Of,’ an enthralling crime drama, talents like Riz Ahmed and John Turturro shine. The series dives into the aftermath of a young man’s harrowing experience within the criminal justice system after being accused of murder. Echoing the essence of ‘Criminal Record,’ both shows intricately navigate the labyrinth of crime and justice. While ‘The Night Of’ unfolds a legal tale, ‘Criminal Record’ captivates with its exploration of a historical murder case. These series share a common narrative thread, weaving societal tension into intense storylines that mesmerize audiences with their blend of suspense, morality, and the relentless pursuit of truth.

6. Broadchurch (2013-2017)

In the atmospheric realm of ‘Broadchurch,’ featuring an ensemble led by David Tennant and Olivia Colman, a quaint coastal town becomes the backdrop for a riveting crime saga. The series intricately creates a narrative web around the investigation of a young boy’s mysterious death, exposing the town’s hidden secrets. Tying threads with ‘Criminal Record,’ both shows delve into the intricacies of crime and justice.

While ‘Broadchurch’ immerses viewers in a community grappling with tragedy, ‘Criminal Record’ navigates the nuanced dynamics of detectives entangled in a historic murder case. Both series resonate with their unique approaches, unraveling suspenseful tales while exploring the profound impact of crime on individuals and communities.

5. Vera (2011-)

‘Vera’ and ‘Criminal Record’ share a common ground in their dedication to unraveling complex crime narratives. Both series showcase strong, seasoned female detectives—Vera Stanhope in ‘Vera’ and June Lenker in ‘Criminal Record.’ The shows intricately explore the challenges of solving intricate cases, navigating through institutional failures, and addressing societal issues.

In ‘Vera,’ created by Ann Cleeves, the indomitable Brenda Blethyn embodies the titular detective, solving crimes against the picturesque backdrop of Northumberland. The series shows Vera’s sharp investigative skills and her ability to decipher the darkest secrets. With a meticulous approach, ‘Vera’ resonates with fans of crime dramas, offering mysteries and character-driven storytelling.

4. When They See Us (2019)

In the tapestry of ‘When They See Us,’ the series mirrors the essence of ‘Criminal Record’ through its poignant exploration of justice and societal issues. Both narratives focus on real-world implications, with ‘When They See Us’ diving into the harrowing true story of the Central Park Five. Ava DuVernay’s creation depicts the lives of five wrongfully convicted Black and Latino boys, showcasing the profound impact of institutional failure and racial injustice. Contrasting ‘Criminal Record’s’ historic murder case, ‘When They See Us’ sheds light on the struggles for truth and redemption. The series captivates with its powerful storytelling, offering a thought-provoking reflection on the complexities of the criminal justice system.

3. Luther (2010-2019)

In the gritty urban landscape of ‘Luther,’ the series aligns with the essence of ‘Criminal Record’ by immersing viewers in the dark and intense world of crime and investigation. Both shows share the thematic core of flawed yet brilliant detectives navigating through the shadows of justice. ‘Luther,’ created by Neil Cross, features Idris Elba as the eponymous detective, showcasing a relentless pursuit of truth while battling personal demons.

As ‘Criminal Record’ involves a historic murder case, ‘Luther’ engages audiences with its high-stakes, contemporary crime narratives. The series captivates with its atmospheric tension, complex characters, and a deep dive into the psychological toll of confronting criminality on the streets of London.

2. Unforgotten (2015-)

In the nuanced realm of ‘Unforgotten,’ the series echoes the thematic resonance found in ‘Criminal Record’ by intertwining a profound exploration of crime with the complexities of human relationships. Both shows share a commitment to unraveling historical mysteries, with ‘Unforgotten’ delving into cold cases that resurface to haunt the present. Created by Chris Lang, the series features Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar as detectives navigating the delicate balance between justice and compassion.

While ‘Criminal Record’ tugs at the threads of a historic murder conviction, ‘Unforgotten’ captivates with its methodical unraveling of secrets, exposing the intricate connections that bind people to their past. The series immerses audiences in a poignant narrative, where the quest for truth becomes a journey through time and the human psyche.

1. Conviction (2006)

Jump into the intricate legal tapestry of ‘Conviction,’ an NBC series that beckons enthusiasts of the enigmatic ‘Criminal Record.’ Stephanie March, reprising her iconic Law & Order: SVU role as Alexandra Cabot, injects the show with gravitas. Cabot’s return to New York City as Bureau Chief ADA, overseeing a cadre of sharp-witted, fledgling ADAs post her stint in the Witness Protection Program, mirrors the captivating dynamics of ‘Criminal Record.’ While the latter navigates a historic murder case, ‘Conviction’ immerses viewers in the legal labyrinth, inviting them to dissect morally ambiguous cases and unravel the complex threads of justice.

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