Shrinking Episode 5 Recap: Woof

AppleTV+’s ‘Shrinking‘ is a comedy-drama series that follows Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel), a therapist experiencing grief after the death of his wife. However, when Jimm takes an unconventional approach to treat his patients, Jimmmy’s relationship with his mentor Dr. Paul Rhoades (Harrison Ford), deteriorates. In the fifth episode, titled ‘Woof,’ Jimmy and Paul stop interacting completely, drastically affecting the lives of everyone around them. Meanwhile, Jimmy also fails to make a breakthrough with his patient/friend, Sean. If you are wondering whether Jimmy resolves his issues with Sean and Paul, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Shrinking’ episode 5! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Shrinking Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode, titled ‘Woof,’ opens with Jimmy telling Liz and Gaby that their prediction about Alice’s crush on Sean came true. However, Gaby and Liz chastize Jimmy for his ignorance and make fun of him. Gaby is forced to leave the conversation as she has to pick up Paul for work. On the other hand. Liz advises Jimmy to trust Sean and sort out the issue face-to-face. Paul ponders about a gift for his grandson’s birthday. Gaby arrives late to pick up Paul, while Paul’s daughter, Meg, suspects something is wrong with her father.

At home, Sean and Alice discuss Sean’s driver’s license, but Jimmy becomes awkward in their presence. Jimmy encourages Sean to meet his father after the latter texts him. Jimmy laments the dysfunctional nature of his relationship with Paul. However, he pushes Sean to meet his father against the latter’s wishes. At work, Gaby deals with a husband-wife attending couples therapy. However, Gaby struggles to give them the right advice as she is still recovering from her own divorce.

In his office, Gaby consults Paul about her work predicament. However, Gaby reminds Paul that he loves mentoring Jimmy. Grace stops responding to Jimmy’s texts, and he consults Paul. Paul refuses to provide any insights leading to completely abandoning their relationship. Brian tells Jimmy and Gaby about his decision to propose to his boyfriend, Charlie. However, Gaby and Jimmy are not excited since Brian has made the same statement but failed to act upon it in the past.

Sean visits his father and brother at the local park. However, he becomes upset after his father gives Sean his framed army medals. Sean texts Alice and asks her to go on a walk. Alice bunks school and goes for a walk with Sean. However, she freaks out after Sean climbs a water tank and refuses to come down. Brian goes to buy the engagement ring but fails to take the leap of faith in his relationship with Charlie. Paul tries to bond with Gaby and mentors her as he issues Jimmy. Meanwhile, Jimmy meets Grace, and they resolve their issues after Grace lies about breaking up with her husband and moving away.

Jimmy learns that Alice has bunked school and confronts her. However, Alice turns the tables on Jimmy but expresses her concern for Sean’s well-being. Jimmy confronts Sean and asks him to talk about his feelings. However, Sean is upset at Jimmy and decides to move out of the house. Alice confronts Paul after the latter stops speaking with Jimmy. Brian admits to Gaby that he is unable to take the risk of proposing to Charlie as he fears rejection, especially since his parents haven’t accepted his sexuality.

Shrinking Episode 5 Ending: Does Sean Leave? Does Paul Talk to Meg?

In the episode’s final act, Alice’s rant seemingly encourages Paul to mend his relationship with Jimmy. Paul arrives at the house just as Jimmy is trying to convince Sean to stay. Sean becomes upset with Jimmy constantly pushing him to open up. However, since they are more friends than a patient/therapist, their dynamic prevents Sean from confronting his past. Paul tells Sean he has Parkinson’s Disease and admits he did not tell his daughter about it as he fears she will think less of him.

Paul’s honesty encourages Sean to speak about his time in Afghanistan. Sean explains that he was brutal during his time in the army and committed some seriously inhuman actions. However, he now realizes the futility of his efforts and does not see himself as a hero as others do. Paul comforts Sean and remarks that he must work on himself to feel better. Therefore, he must open up to his therapist, Jimmy. As a result, Sean decides to stay and seemingly continues therapy under Jimmy’s guidance.

In the final moments, Paul returns home and calls his daughter, Meg. However, we cut to the credits before Paul can complete his sentence. The ending implies that Paul tells Meg about his Parkinson’s. The episode highlights Paul’s reservations about coming clean to his daughter, as he does not want to be treated like an old man who needs care. The same is evident earlier when Paul refuses to let Gaby drive him to work. Seeing Jimmy struggle with Sean likely reminds Paul that he can no longer run from the truth and must confront it. Thus, the episode ends with Paul telling Meg the truth.

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