Shrinking Episode 7 Recap: Apology Tour

AppleTV+’s ‘Shrinking‘ treads some interesting emotional waters for its characters in its seventh episode. The episode, titled ‘Apology Tour,’ follows therapist Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel) as he deals with the implications of sleeping with his wife’s best friend. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Rhoades (Harrison Ford) faces a difficult choice after reuniting with his daughter and telling her about his Parkinson’s disease. Jimmy must also make amends for his behavior at the engagement party and gets some much-needed perspective. If you wish to catch up on the episode’s events and conclusion, here is everything you need to know about ‘Shrinking’ episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Shrinking Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘Apology Tour,’ opens in the aftermath of Brian’s engagement party. Alice tries to overcome the embarrassment of trying to kiss Sean. Paul and Liz are hungover from the party, while Jimmy and Gaby end up having sex. After waking, Jimmy and Gaby contemplate how to process the situation. Gaby says she does not regret sleeping with Jimmy, while the latter is unsure. However, Gaby and Jimmy feel guilty due to their fondness for Jimmy’s deceased wife, Tia. Paul prepares to meet his daughter, Meg, while Alice acts awkward in Sean’s presence.

Jimmy decides to apologize for his behavior at the party. He calls Brian and congratulates his friend on the engagement. Later, Jimmy apologizes to Alice, who is still mad but ignores him to focus on her own mistake. Paul and Meg meet Dr. Julie Baram, a neurologist treating the former. Alice tries to mend things with Sean but is unsure how to do so. Therefore, she goes to meet Paul. Alice shows up at his doorstep to discuss her feelings for Sean. However, Paul sends her away to spend more time with his daughter.

Later, Paul and Meg complete the legal formalities and sign the documents with Brian’s help. Paul reminisces about Meg’s childhood, and the two bond by dancing. Meanwhile, Liz and Derek discuss the latter’s retirement, and Liz asks her husband for some space. However, Derek argues that he has earned the right to stay home and wants Liz to find some outdoor activities. As a result, she adopts a dog and takes him on a walk. Sean is rejected from a job interview and confides in Liz.

While walking with Liz, Sean talks to her about his dwindling career prospects because of his criminal record. However, Liz encourages Sean to find something he loves. Sean also seeks advice about his awkward situation with Alice, and Liz tells him to reinstate their friendship. Gaby gives Jimmy some perspective at work and encourages him to make peace with them sleeping together. During a therapy session, Jimmy realizes his mistake and needs to apologize to Gaby for making the entire thing about him.

Meg invites Paul to live with her and her husband by moving into their guest room. However, Paul refuses because of his commitment to his patients. Meg becomes upset with Paul for refusing to spend time mending their relationship and storms out of the house, giving Paul a tremor. Gaby visits Alice, and they discuss the latter’s situation with Sean. Gaby comforts Alice and encourages her to continue her progress while recovering from the grief of losing her mother. Jimmy apologizes to Gaby and states he does not regret sleeping with her. Although Jimmy is not ready for a relationship, he thanks Gaby for making him understand he can move on.

Shrinking Episode 7 Ending: Does Jimmy Talk to Tia?

In the episode, titled ‘Gaby and Jimmy deal with the aftermath of sleeping together. However, both are overcome with guilt since Jimmy’s wife, Tia, was Gaby’s best friend. Consequently, Jimmy is at risk of spiraling out, and Gaby comforts him by telling him that she spoke with Tia. Gaby talks to a photograph of Tia and encourages Jimmy to do the same and overcome his guilt. However, Jimmy is disgusted with himself and is unable to face Tia, even in a photograph. As a result, he focuses on apologizing to others, such as Alice and Gaby.

After making amends to everyone, Jimmy is finally free of his self-imposed burdens. The episode’s final moments see Sean cooking a meal for everyone as the gang has a barbecue party in the yard. Sean also reinstates his friendship with Alice. The group is coming together like a family, which is evident in the party scene, which helps Jimmy realize that he will be okay without Tia. Jimmy is finally working his way through the cycle of grief and stands on the cusp of acceptance.

As a result, he speaks to a photograph of Tia and admits to sleeping with Gaby. However, Alice overhears Jimmy’s words and is visibly displeased with her father. The episode ends before Jimmy can speak to Alice, but it is clear that she sees Jimmy’s actions as another self-destructive attempt to execute himself from dealing with the tragedy of losing his wife. Moreover, Alice might also feel like Jimmy is disrespecting Tia by hooking up with Gaby. However, how Jimmy deals with the situation remains to be seen.

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