Lifetime’s Silent Night Fatal Night: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Helmed by Peter Sullivan, ‘Silent Night, Fatal Night’ is a holiday thriller that revolves around Mallory, a very well-known mystery writer who authors popular fiction novels based on a detective named Gideon. The Gideon series is her bread and butter, but she wants to expand her horizons to prove to herself and her fans that she could successfully write something different. Her manager is very frustrated with her decision and takes extreme measures to ensure his big payday. He kidnaps and forces her to write her final novel while holding her captive. After making it seem as though she has passed away, he plans to publish her final work posthumously to a tide of sympathetic fans.

Trapped during the holiday season, Mallory begins to write her most thrilling novel yet, one that involves her own predicament, and escape. The film juxtaposes its tones of a dark kidnapping scenario with a bright home decorated for Christmas, meant to incite warmth. The setting thus creates an ironic reality for Mallory, with her developing novel becoming her only outlet. Watching the cheerful backdrop of Christmas become the disturbing scene of a prison, you might ponder the filming location Peter Sullivan decided upon to set ‘Silent Night, Fatal Night.’

Where Was Silent Night, Fatal Night Filmed?

Lifetime’s ‘Silent Night, Fatal Night’ was filmed entirely in Los Angeles, California. The cast members seemed to be having a really good time on set, expressing themselves wholeheartedly in their performances. Principal photography for the thriller was carried out in the month of August 2023. Let us take a closer look at the filming locations for the holiday thriller, which was alternately titled ‘Fatal’ during the shooting.

Los Angeles, California

The beating heart of Hollywood served as the sole filming location for ‘Silent Night, Fatal Night.’ Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles isn’t conventionally associated with traditional Christmas settings due to its sunny climate and lack of snow. However, for unconventional holiday films like Sullivan’s, LA’s adaptability makes it a versatile filming location. The city’s diverse neighborhoods offer a range of backdrops, from palm-lined streets to urban areas adorned with festive decor during the holiday season. The City of Angels is home to some of the world’s finest filming infrastructure, and talent pool in terms of both cast and crew. Numerous studios and soundstages cater to crafting whimsical winter wonderlands, enhancing LA’s appeal for holiday-themed films. Thus the city has been home to several Christmas productions such as, ‘Bad Santa,’ ‘Surviving Christmas,’ ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2,’ and ‘La La Land.’

Silent Night, Fatal Night Cast

The Lifetime movie is led by Alex Camacho as Mallory and Matthew Pohlkamp as Michael, the antagonist. Alex has previously worked with director Sullivan on ‘To Kill a Stepfather’ as Nicole. You may also recognize her from her other roles including, as Amy in ‘Touch the Water’ and Monday in the short film ‘Happy, Maybe.’

Matthew Pohlkamp was a world title holder in BMX bicycle racing and chose acting as a means to destress himself from the world of professional athletics. However, he gained a passion for his erstwhile hobby and has since gone on to essay the characters of Dennis in ‘Goosebumps,’ Ashton Sandford in ‘Fantasy Island,’ Paul Burke in ‘The Kept Mistress Killer,’ and Thomas in ‘Twisted Sister.’ Supporting cast members that feature in ‘Fatal Night, Silent Night’ include Hailey Rutledge as Carrie, Talia Asseraf as Receptionist, Brice Griffin as Grant, Angela Barber as Janice, Jeanette Schock as Evelyn, Ayanna S. Flemings as Wendy, Gregory Niebel as Sheriff Hill, and Robert Hawkey as Paul.

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