Silo Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

The seventh episode of Apple TV+’s science-fiction seriesSilo,’ titled ‘The Flamekeepers,’ revolves around the aftermath of Juliette Nichols possessing George Wilkins’ travel guide, a highly dangerous relic. Her efforts to know more about the same lead her to Gloria, who is “locked up” in the medical department’s long-term care. She reveals her intentions to Paul Billings, who tries his best to help her. Juliette seeks the help of her father Pete Nichols to talk to Gloria, only for her to reveal startling information concerning the past of the silo. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our take on the episode’s ending! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Silo Episode 7 Recap

‘The Flamekeepers’ begins with Juliette Nichols trying to find more information about George’s travel guide, which originally belonged to Gloria Hildebrandt. Juliette goes to the medical department to visit Gloria but doesn’t get to talk to her alone, especially since the latter is heavily sedated. A brawl unsettles the order in the silo, forcing Paul Billings to take care of the same in the absence of the sheriff, who focuses her time on solving the mystery behind George’s murder. Billings then confronts Juliette concerning her unavailability, only for her to finally reveal that she became a sheriff to investigate the murder of her late boyfriend.

Billings lets Juliette knows that he had covered for her and reminds her to meet the interim mayor Bernard to explain her unavailability. Robert Sims watches every move of Juliette through the hidden cameras installed over the silo to find out what really she is after. Juliette meets Lucas and talks about the lights that appear in the sky. Lucas tries to kiss her, only for her to leave him at the cafeteria and walk away in a rush. Bernard tells Juliette that Judge Meadows has threatened his position as the head of IT. He asks her to continue her personal investigation, hoping that it would bring down the judge, after reminding her that the Judicial will try to replace her with Billings as soon as possible.

Juliette meets Judge Meadows, who is suffering from a cold. She talks to the judge about Gloria and asks the latter’s permission for talking to the old woman for a couple of hours as part of the sheriff’s ongoing relic investigation. Juliette even promises to resign from her post in return for the meeting, only for the judge to tell her that “they” won’t allow the same. The sheriff realizes that there are more powerful people in the silo than the judge. She then seeks the help of her father Pete to meet and talk to Gloria. The doctor takes Gloria out of the long-term care ward and gives her a drug so that she can talk to Juliette.

Silo Episode 7 Ending: Who Were the Flamekeepers?

When Gloria regains consciousness, Juliette asks her about the travel guide she owned. Gloria lets her know that the same is one of the relics a group of residents, including her, kept against the laws. The group was known as the “Flamekeepers.” The same included George’s mother and Juliette’s mother was an ally of the same. After the rebellion, the authorities of the silo made sure that a new order was in place that restricted the residents of the establishment from forming attachments with the past. Any object that existed before the rebellion was deemed illegal. The past was getting erased and the present was rewritten by the supreme authorities of the silo.

The Flamekeepers were the individuals who protested against the same. They wanted the silo to have a connection with the past rather than completely getting cut off from the same. Gloria and her allies possessed relics such as the travel guide to form such a connection so that they would know what existed and happened before the rebellion and the apocalypse. The relics must have given them a sense of hope and ambition that they would escape from the dictatorship one day to cherish the freedom of the past. The supreme authorities of the silo knew about the Flamekeepers and they tried to put an end to the existence of the group.

The aforementioned authorities made sure that the Flamekeepers weren’t given a chance to procreate. Birth control devices were planted inside the bodies of the group members to stop them from not only bearing children but also passing the “flame” from one generation to the next. When Gloria failed to give birth to a child, she passed the flame, which is none other than the “past,” to George indirectly through the travel guide.

Will Sims Arrest Juliette?

After talking to Gloria, Juliette takes her to her room, only to see a bunch of flowers in front of the mirror. The sheriff remembers that flowers are similarly placed in her room as well, which leads her to the discovery that they are being watched through the cameras placed near the mirror. Sims realizes that he cannot follow Juliette anymore, which makes her a potent threat. He sends troops to arrest her, possibly for possessing a relic, so that he can stop her from unraveling more secrets. Juliette, meanwhile, escapes from the place with George’s hard drive, which was hidden by Holston in the room for her to find the same.

Sims may need to capture Juliette with the travel guide to arrest her. Juliette may have already realized the gravity of the threat she is facing, which must have led her to hide the travel guide and hard drive. If Sims has been watching her moves without the approval of the Judicial, which seems to be the case, he may not be able to arrest her based on the surveillance footage. In addition, Bernard may protect Juliette as the mayor of the silo from Sims’ efforts to arrest her as well. If that’s the case, Sims may not succeed in arresting the sheriff.

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