Silo Episode 6 Recap and Ending: The Relic

The sixth episode of Apple TV+’s science-fiction seriesSilo,’ titled ‘The Relic,’ follows Juliette Nichols’ efforts to find her late boyfriend George Wilkins’ hard drive, which has gone missing. Juliette meets George’s ex-partner Regina regarding the case, only to know more about the person she had loved. She forms a professional partnership with Paul Billings, especially after finding out a significant secret concerning the new deputy. Robert Sims gets entangled with George’s murder investigation as a piece of evidence makes him dig deep into confidential records. The engrossing episode ends with ambiguous developments and revelations. If you are eager to know more about them, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Silo Episode 6 Recap

‘The Relic’ begins with Juliette recollecting the days she spent with her now-deceased boyfriend George Wilkins. After Douglas Trumbull’s death, Juliette, Paul Billings, and other officers conduct a search on his apartment, only for Billings to discover a PEZ dispenser, which belonged to George, at the place. Juliette and Billings take the same to Judge Meadows to open a relics investigation to find more about the relics existing in the silo and prevent criminal activity that concerns these illegal objects. Sims goes through the catalog of Judicial to discover that the particular relic belonged to George Wilkins, only for him to grow suspicious of the new sheriff.

Juliette talks to George’s former partner Regina to ask her about the relics George collected. Regina tells her that George was fascinated by them. She also makes it clear to the sheriff that the latter shouldn’t have believed George when he expressed his love for her. Sims and Bernard meet Juliette to let her know that the relic she discovered at Trumbull’s apartment actually belonged to her friend George. The sheriff lies to them that she saw the relic for the first time when Billings showed the same to her at Trumbull’s apartment. Bernard considers the possibility of the late Judicial officer stealing the relic from George’s apartment during the Judicial officers’ search upon the computer engineer’s death.

Billings realizes that Juliette planted the relic at Trumbull’s apartment for him to find so that she can officially investigate the same. When he confronts her about her illegal actions, she lets him know that she knows about his ill health, which isn’t reported to the authorities. They reach a compromise upon learning each other’s secrets. After her conversation with Regina, Juliette starts to feel that George didn’t deserve her commitment, which makes her consider resigning as the sheriff and returning to the bottom of the silo. Martha reminds her that she should continue investigating George’s death because it is the “right thing to do.”

Silo Episode 6 Ending: Who is the Man Who Knows Everything?

Juliette knows that George’s hard drive wouldn’t have gone missing without someone reporting the same to Judicial. After her conversation with Regina, she gets convinced that the latter reported the same. Juliette confronts the ex-partner of her late boyfriend, only for her to reveal that she didn’t report to Judicial but to the “man who knows everything.” From Regina’s words, it is evident that the man is a more potent force than the Judicial officials, especially since he asks tougher questions than the law-making department. The man in question can even be the supreme authoritarian figure in the silo, above the ranks of the Judicial officials.

In the closing shots of the episode, it is revealed that likely everybody in the silo is under surveillance, including Juliette. The same unrevealed man can be the one behind the same as well. He must be the most powerful individual in the establishment and Sims can be one of his trusted generals. The head of security must be eliminating opposing voices and potential threats for this hidden dictator, who controls life in the silo. More than everything, the man can even be the real owner of the hard drive that ended up in the hands of George, which contains the blueprints of the silo and the video footage of the real outside world.

If that’s the case, George must have gotten murdered due to the man’s wish. He might have wanted to protect his secrets concerning the silo to prevent a rebellion that may question his authority and challenge his power. The man must have come out of his den to meet Regina, rather than sending Sims or any other official, because the hard drive likely belongs to him. Since he can witness every action of the sheriff, we can expect Juliette to face a hidden adversary who wants to stop her as she makes progress in her investigation into George’s murder.

What Does Regina Give Juliette? What’s the Significance of the Travel Guide?

After revealing the existence of the “man who knows everything,” Regina gives Juliette a file that belonged to George and his family. She opens the same and finds a travel guide to Georgia for kids that existed before the apocalypse. Since it is a severe offense to possess anything before the apocalypse, George and Regina had to hide the same with utmost care. The existence of the travel guide may cause severe consequences in the silo, especially considering that the residents of the place haven’t seen the outer world ever. Since the current generation of the silo’s residents was born after the apocalypse, the guide may alter the residents’ perception of reality.

If the travel guide lands on more hands, the readers may start to long for leaving the silo, likely causing a second rebellion. The order at the place may get disrupted and anarchy may start to reign. The “man who knows everything” may want to prevent the same by destroying the travel guide and punishing Juliette for possessing the same. The sheriff, on the other hand, may get tempted to unravel the secrets of the silo after going through the photographs in the travel guide. She may grow curious about the outer world and everything the supreme authoritarian figures of the silo have been hiding from the residents of the establishment.

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