When and Where Does Silo Take Place? Theories

Created by Graham Yost, Apple TV+’s science-fiction series ‘Silo’ revolves around the titular silo in which the remnants of humanity live after an apocalypse. The silo protects them from a barren and toxic outside world in return for their allegiance to the rules and regulations of the establishment. Secrets buried in the silo get unraveled when a computer geek named George Wilkins discovers a hard drive that contains sensitive and confidential information about their “home.” George’s discovery makes one seek answers to several questions, especially concerning the setting of the series. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our thoughts regarding the show’s setting! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Uncertain Timeline of Silo

‘Silo’ takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, without a definite year revealed by the series. It is unknown when the silo was built or when the apocalypse happened to kill almost all of humanity. There isn’t any estimate of how long the remnants of humanity have been staying in the silo. According to the ‘Silo’ novel series by Hugh Howey, the source novels of the series, the events that lead to the apocalypse and inhabitation of the silo started to happen in 2007, the year in which the first novel, titled ‘Legacy,’ of the prequel series ‘Shift’ is set.

However, the year doesn’t necessarily help one to theorize the current year. It is unknown how many years it took for the first residents of the silo to inhabit the structure and separate themselves from the outer world. Another important detail concerning the setting is that the events of the series begin 140 years after the “rebellion” that took place in the silo.  But there isn’t any information concerning when the rebellion happened after the first residents sought refuge in the establishment. From Howey’s novel series, it is clear that the silo we see in the first season of the show isn’t even the only silo.

The silo where protagonist Juliette lives must have gotten filled years after the apocalypse, possibly when the other silos housed the maximum number of occupants. If that’s the case, determining the year is nearly impossible. In addition, the first season of the series happens after the world has become lush and vibrant rather than barren. It must have taken hundreds of years for the world to regain its normalcy after the apocalypse. In the source novel series, there is a mention of a 500-year period associated with the existence of the silo. Taking the same into consideration, the show can be taking place around 2507.

Silo is Likely Set Post-Apocalyptic World

The silos in the show and Hugh Howey’s novels are located in an unrevealed location. Since the prequel series is prominently set in the United States, it is safe to assume that the silos are located in the country. The first book in the series, titled ‘Wool,’ describes the region where the silos are located as “a ruined and hostile landscape.” Howey’s books also make it clear that there are around forty-nine silos, possibly located close to one another. In the first episode of the series, George finds a blueprint of the silo and notices a tunnel underground, which can be an opening to go to another silo without exposing oneself to the toxicity of the outside world.

In addition, the apocalypse must have destroyed the world for the division of the countries to exist. The multiple silos in the novel series can be seen as the equivalent of nations. According to ‘Wool,’ the silo Juliette stays in is the 17th silo. Her investigation into her beloved George’s possible murder is expected to take her to the 18th silo as well.

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