Silvia, Thiago and Marcia Dunker: Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Family Has Come a Long Way

It is not uncommon for family members to be on tense terms with each other, especially when there is a conflict of principles. This becomes especially true for the mothers who end up disliking the person their child has chosen as a spouse. Netflix’s ‘Stranded With My Mother-in-Law,’ AKA ‘Ilhados Com a Sogra,’ gives such families an opportunity to hopefully build back their relationship in a unique way.

The reality show forces mothers-in-law to work alongside their sons/daughters-in-law in hopes of winning a grand prize, though their bond is not the easiest one to navigate. This is especially evident in season 1’s Dunker family, comprising Silvia, Thiago, and Marcia Dunker. Given the complicated dynamics of the family, it is not much of a wonder that people are eager to know more about their current whereabouts. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Silvia, Thiago, and Marcia Dunker’s Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Journey

Entering the Brazilian Netflix show, the Dunkers were far from happy when they realized just what the series entailed. With Thiago Dunker being shipped away, it was up to Silvia and Marci Dunker to give it their all and win the competition. However, the task was not easy, given how the two women often found themselves arguing rather than being happy in each other’s company. The differences between the two emerged due to differences in their personalities.

Both women claimed that the other was jealous of their bond with Thiago. Additionally, Marcia claimed that she wanted a loving daughter-in-law who was openly affectionate to her and showed her emotions. This is something Silvia could not understand as she felt like she had always tried to be sweet to Marcia. In turn, the daughter-in-law did not like how Marcia disapproved of her lifestyle and tattoos and was often hurt by the remarks that came her way from her husband’s mother.

During an open dialogue, Silvia confessed that she was not happy that Marcia thought her to be intimidating and clumsy. She then stated that Marcia was indifferent to her and never complimented her in any way, which bothered her. Marcia pointed out that Silvia was often rude, which the latter acknowledged, and this added to why the mother-in-law found her son’s wife to be intimidating. Despite the tense conversations, it soon became evident that the two women were indeed able to mend some parts of their relationship.

As time went on, the bonds between the Dunkers became stronger. Though their scores were far from phenomenal, the family did make some inspiring progress when it came to resolving the tension between them. Following challenge 5, Thiago did get a chance to decrease the Tenório’s honeycomb by two, but the Dunkers were still not able to find a place for themselves in the finals based on their scores. They then faced off against the remaining two families but ultimately lost the last finalist position to the Sassones.

Where Are Silvia, Thiago, and Marcia Dunker Today?

It seems like the Dunkers, especially Silvia and Marcia Duniker, have been able to bridge the rift between them that we got to see in the Netflix show. This development certainly must have brought Thiago Dunker joy, given how often he seemed to be stuck between his wife and mother. However, it is now not uncommon to see both ladies often posting content featuring each other on their social media, indicating at least an amicable relationship between them.

As of writing, Silvia and Thiago are parents to two beautiful girls, Helena and Cecília Dunker, who are 8 and 5 years old, respectively. Thiago is a businessman, while Silvia is also an entrepreneur. Specifically, the latter works help organize exclusive parties under the banner of Decorferro. Similarly, Marcia is known for her functional breads that provide a lot of options to her customers with dietary restrictions. We wish the Dunkers the very best in their lives and hope that their happiness continues to increase day by day.

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