Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti: Where Are Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Contestants Now?

Navigating the tense ties between different family members is never an easy task. This is something that we all get to see very well in Netflix’s ‘Stranded With My Mother-in-Law,’ AKA ‘Ilhados Com a Sogra,’ as mothers-in-law and their sons/daughters-in-law try to look past their strained connections in order to finally find peace. Of course, not all are able to complete the whole journey, as seen in season 1 after the decisions made by Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti. If you are curious about what they are up to now, worry not because we have your back!

Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti’s Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Journey

The dynamics between Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti were nothing if not strained when they entered the Brazilian reality show. The three were far from happy upon learning that Cristina and Ana would be left behind together and had to work with each other. Ana complained that her mother-in-law, Cristina, was jealous of the bond between her and Antonio. She also felt that Cristina did not like her presence on social media. Meanwhile, Cristina confessed that she felt like she had been driven out of her own home by her son and daughter-in-law.

As the show went on, the bond between Cristina and Ana seemed to only deteriorate. The two started to talk about the former moving out of the house she once shared with Ana. The mother-in-law revealed that she had indeed contributed about 20% of the money to buy the house that Ana now lived in, though it was only Antonio’s name on the paper due to some technical issues. Ana confessed that she had not known about this as Antonio had never told her about the situation. She added that she would not have lived in the house had she known that Cristina partially owned it.

Things came to a head after an activity conducted by mediator Shenia Karlsson. As a part of the task, Ana had to write out the words that Cristina had said about her that she had found to be hurtful. This led Ana to reveal that she thought Cristina was demanding and tended to talk too much. However, Cristina felt that the situation was unfair, while Ana herself felt unheard and didn’t know what to do.

When Ana tried to apologize to Cristina the next day, Ana revealed that she was very close to quitting the experiment. In fact, she did end up doing so, which prompted Antonio to come meet up with his mother and wife. However, despite his attempts to resolve the issue and asking both ladies to please communicate. Cristina felt that she had been disrespected and was hurt that her son had seen her apparent humiliation and not stopped the experiment. At the end of the day, she remained firm that she wanted to quit. Cristina explained her reasons originated from the fact that she had been made to feel like she could not do things as she wanted in her own home.

Where Are Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti Today?

Given their less-than-happy exit from the show, Cristina, Ana, and Antonio Donatti, fans of the show are quite curious to know if the three were able to mend their relationship. While it does not seem like Antonio’s own connections with his wife and his mother have deteriorated, the same cannot be said about the two ladies in question. They do not follow each other on social media, which might not be a good sign for those hoping that they might have been able to salvage their relationship off-screen.

Presently, Ana is a thriving content creator with over 32K Instagram followers. She also owns her own company called Marketing de Influência, which helps brands and influencers connect to form mutually beneficial deals. As for Antonio, he presently works as a Project Manager for EMS Ventura and is a proud alum of the Federal University of Santa Catarina as well as the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Cristina herself has recently joined social media and seems quite enthusiastic about having made her Netflix debut. We hope that the Donattis are able to navigate the turbulent waters of their dynamics and are soon able to find a path that works for them all.

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