Sim Yu-Ri: Physical 100 Star is a Road FF Champion Today

Among the various contestants who showcased their caliber in the second season of Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100,’ Sim Yu-Ri has stood out thanks to her determination to prove herself in front of the world. This led the player to not only make some bold decisions but also to show the world that she was capable of much more than what most might expect. Thanks to her impressive performance, she easily won the hearts of many viewers.

Sim Yu-Ri’s Bold Moves Set Her Apart From Everyone

Entering the Netflix series, Sim Yu-Ri, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, was determined to show the world that she would never back down from a challenge. As such, when the preliminary quest was given to all participants, she remained determined to achieve a good position. As a part of the challenge, she had to run on a manual treadmill and cover as much distance as possible. She was able to bag one of the positions in the Top 50 of the first round, which allowed her to proceed to the next round of the challenge.

While Sim did not make it to the third round of the challenge, she did bag the 47th position, which gave her the chance to pick her opponent early on in the competition for the first quest. Instead of choosing a fellow female contestant as many had expected, she decided to look for her opponent in the Top 50 competitors and ultimately settled on Hunter Lee, a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The match-up between a male and a female contestant intrigued many, with people being curious about how Sim would fare in the death match.

The fight between Sim and Hunter took place in an arena similar to one you might see in an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match. Both contestants gave it their all, knowing that this could be for them. Thanks to her agility, Sim was able to grab the ball within the first few seconds and then did not lose her grip despite all the efforts put in by Hunter. The match was a grueling one, but Sim ultimately came out on top.

After the match, Sim confessed that while she had been the one to challenge Hunter, she was still a bit surprised when she did emerge as the winner, likely having subconsciously doubted her ability to win against a male competitor. Her victory allowed Sim to move on to the second quest, where the Top 50 participants were divided into ten teams of five. She was chosen to be a part of Team 9 by Hwang Choong-Wo, who had chosen her in the second round of picking, making Sim the third person to join the team.

Sim and her team had to face Lee Won-Hee’s team, and all the contestants had to transport weight bags from the center of a maze to certain capture zones. All members of Team 9 gave it their all and were determined to win the competition in any way possible. Unfortunately for them, it was ultimately Team 4, led by Lee Won-Hee, who won this particular quest. This marked the end of the road for Sim, but she undeniably left an impact on everyone with her strength and boldness.

Where is Sim Yu-Ri Now?

As of writing, Sim Yu-Ri continues to impress those who love the world of MMA. She is an accomplished fighter whose performance has helped her many fans. In fact, she is the present Atomweight Champion in the Road Fighting Championship (AKA Road FC). The reality TV star has held this particular title since September 4, 2021, and is quite proud of this accomplishment,. Additionally, she is part of the Rizin Fighting Federation (AKA Rizin FF) and often fights within this particular tournament.

When not fighting in the arena, Sim enjoys working out in the gym and maintaining her physique. An undeniable fitness enthusiast, she also seems to enjoy posting content on social media regarding her work and daily routine. This has helped her earn over 20K followers on Instagram and over 4K subscribers on YouTube. It should be noted that the MMA fighter is known for practicing for lengthy hours in order to maintain her skills honed and never be caught unaware. Thanks to her participation in the Netflix series, Sim’s fan following has increased signifcantly.

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