Where Is Sima Taparia Today?

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaker’ shows the reality of the dating and marriage practices that are followed in various South Asian communities, especially the Indian community. Instead of sticking to the boring and repeated stereotypes, it ensures that viewers get a chance to properly see the young generation of Indian individuals who have mixed both tradition and western culture into their lifestyle, and are now looking for their happily ever afters. To find that, they and their families take up the help of Mumbai based, yet internationally known matchmaker, Sima Taparia.

In her experience, the generation of today is a bit fussy, therefore, they need her gentle push and expert guidance to find their perfect match. We saw how her job is multifaceted, how she had to be part therapist, part research assistant, and part mediator while dealing with her clients, all the while remaining an all firm-but-loving being, which, to be honest, genuinely made us curious to know more about her.

Who Is Sima Taparia?

Sima herself was just 19 when she got married. Like most marriages those days, hers was arranged as well, and so she tied the knot with her still husband, Anup Taparia in the early 1980s, who, like her also belonged to a wealthy industry family. Because her background then got combined with his, she had a lot of connections and thus, began setting up couples for marriage as a hobby. After her first success story, she felt like she was on top of the world, and when that success continued, people suggested she do it professionally. Therefore, she became a professional “Marriage Consultant” and started her company Suitable Rishta from the ground up.

As social media and dating apps started gaining momentum, she realized how the importance of the location became absolutely obsolete, and so, she left her comfort zone of Marwari and other typical Indian families to spread her wings and expanded her company worldwide. As she and her work got an international name, Sima was able to explore other ventures within the industry as well. ‘Indian Matchmaking’ isn’t her first rodeo in front of the camera. In 2017, she got the opportunity to be featured as one of the matchmakers in the film ‘A Suitable Girl,’ which followed three women over the course of four years as they maneuvered through such traditional set-ups.

Where Is Sima Taparia Now?

Sima’s business is booming. Although there has been a high rise of dating apps and casual relationships in India as well, there are still a lot of people who want to find their life partner, and since Sima is so well known, high profile families go to her first. Currently, she has a long list of clientele, not just in India but all over the world, whether it be America, the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, or Nigeria.

Although her business headquarters is in Mumbai and she still resides there with her family, she travels a lot to personally meet her clients and help them out. After all, she did explain that her business relies on goodwill and trust and that she takes pride in being completely invested in it. The best thing that remains, though, is seeing how she has moved forward with times. When setting up potential partners, she always gives preferences to what the girl wants and needs. Even her website states: “Educated girls do have a say nowadays. Her city preference, grooming of boy, and freedom is much respected.”

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