Skinamarink Ending Face and Photos, Explained

Directed by Kyle Edward Ball, Shudder’s found footage horror filmSkinamarink’ follows the siblings Kevin and Kaylee, who confront the frightening absence of their father during a particular night. As they deal with the disappearance of their dad, a monster entity threatens their lives. Kevin tries his best to escape from it by calling 9-1-1 but his efforts end up fruitless as well. The enthralling film ends with several photographs of children, with missing heads, and a vague face appearing before Kevin. If you are intrigued to find out more about the face and photos, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Whose Face Do We See at the End?

After confronting Kevin, the monster entity makes him put a knife in his eye and calls him upstairs. Kevin follows his words as if he doesn’t have any other option and stays in an upstairs room. Seemingly 572 days later, the child wakes up and sees an identifiable face. The individual who appears before Kevin asks the latter to go to sleep, only for the boy to ask the former his name. Kevin, however, doesn’t receive an answer. The face most likely belongs to the monster entity but it may not be as straightforward as it sounds. The face may belong to Kevin’s father.

Kevin may have ended up in a coma after falling from the stairs and his subconscious mind likely creates the monster entity. The entire night he confronts it may have happened only in his subconscious and he may have woken up from the coma 572 days later. The vague face may belong to his father since the latter must have been checking in on his son. Since memory loss caused by the fall and the subsequent coma cannot be ruled out, Kevin may haven’t been able to recognize his own father. Director Kyle Edward Ball may have wanted to blend the presence of Kevin’s dad and the monster entity through the vague face since the latter can be a representation of the former.

Kevin’s father may have been an abusive parent, who trapped Kevin and Kaylee in the house they live in, as indicated by the disappearing doors and windows or the escape gateways in other words. When Kevin fell, his repressed fear of his father may have formed a long dream about a monster entity that punishes children when they are disobedient. If that’s the case, Ball may have wanted to depict how the father is the real monster entity by unclearly showing the former’s face.

Whose Photos Are Shown in the End?

Before Kevin’s final confrontation with the monster entity, he comes across several photographs of children with their faces missing in the same. At least some of the photos may belong to Kaylee, Kevin’s sister. Kaylee might have gotten killed by their likely abusive father even before the night Kevin falls from the stairs, possibly due to her disobedience. That can be the reason why Kevin possibly dreams of Kaylee disobeying the monster entity and the latter removing her eyes and mouth. If some of the photographs belong to her, her father must have destroyed the faces in the photos as well.

The other children in the photos can be the victims of Kevin and Kaylee’s father. If he really killed Kaylee, it might haven’t been the first time he preyed upon a child. The siblings’ father can even be a serial killer who killed children, including one of his own. He must have given the punishment he gave to Kaylee to other children as well, which explains why their faces aren’t visible in the photographs. One could argue that the photos belong to Kevin’s other late sisters, who were killed by their father. Some of the photos can even be the siblings’ mother’s childhood photos. Their father may have destroyed his wife’s face in the photos since she can be one of his victims as well, especially since she seemingly gets killed by the monster entity in Kevin’s possible dream.

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