Skip and Theresa: Love in the Wild Stars Are No Longer Together

In the throes of love, ten single men and women must battle in a series of adventure challenges to fight for their continuity on the show. ‘Love in the Wild’ chronicles the journey of the individuals as they partner up with strangers to compete in adventures laced with danger across land and water. With minimal contact with the outside world, the singles bunk with their partner and find common ground as the competition progresses. Skip and Theresa are two individuals whose compatibility and connection intrigued fans. More than a decade later, many wonder if their fascination with each other continued.

Skip and Theresa’s Love in the Wild Journey

Initially paired with Jessica and Peter, Skip and Theresa couldn’t make the connection they had anticipated until they met one another. When the opportunity to pick each other presented itself, the duo obliged and kickstarted their journey as partners on the show. From the get-go, they supported each other in the adventure challenges. If Theresa fell a step behind, Skip lent her a hand.

Skip Sullivan Shirtless in Love in the Wild s1e07 - Shirtless Men at groopii

Similarly, Theresa fearlessly embarked on the physically demanding journey, entrusting Skip. It wasn’t long before their partnership in the challenges manifested into a heartful connection. Besides finding common ground, the couple grew closer by understanding each other’s likes and dislikes. As the number of singles dwindled on the show, it became apparent that the duo felt unequivocally close to one another and had no intention of recoupling with others. The mandatory switch served as the perfect test for the two to realize their burgeoning feelings for each other.

During the fifth challenge, Skip was paired with Jess and Theresa with Mike. However, their ever-evolving feelings for one another failed to keep them apart. Having completed the challenge, they returned to the cabins and quickly resumed their journey as one. The two made it to the top three after Ben, Brandee, Steele, and Erica were booted. Even in the final challenge, Skip and Theresa maintained their speed and were coming in first. However, after Theresa unexpectedly lost a bag of coins, the duo got bumped to third place. Eventually, they had to compete for survival in the surprise quiz challenge. Alas, failing to match each other’s answers, the couple was eliminated from the finals.

Skip and Theresa Have Parted Ways

While their compatible personalities had assured fans that a prospective relationship was in the works, things changed when the duo returned to the States. With distance as the primary impediment, the individuals decided to part ways on a good note. In an interview with Reality TV World, Skip stated, “..The long-distance thing was basically the main issue. We’re on separate coasts, and it’s kind of difficult to organize trips every couple of weeks or once a month or whatever. It was actually kind of mutual decision…” With Skip’s family and work in Boston, Massachusetts, and Theresa’s personal and professional life in Los Angeles, it became quite difficult for the duo to keep up their relationship. While the real-estate professional confided that their breakup was amicable, he also suggested something more.

In the interview, he said, “We tried to make it work for a couple of months and it did, but it was difficult for her. She’s now living in LA, and I think she likes to go out and have a good time. I think it was hard for her to have a good time and have a boyfriend at the same time, I guess, so.” Even though the duo have remained decidedly quiet on the nature of their separation, it is possible that other factors may have been in play, too. Since parting ways, Skip and Theresa have explored other avenues of success. Theresa worked as a model and modeled in sporting events, tradeshows, and pageants for a while.

She is now based in Phoenix, Arizona, where she is working in finance. She has worked with Financial Tax Strategies, helping people defer capital gains tax. In addition to this, she has also tied the knot and shares parental duties with her husband. As for Skip, the reality star has grown in his real estate career. He is now working as the Assistant Vice President at Lattuca Services in Massachusetts. So, even though the duo have parted ways, it is apparent that they are creating new milestones on all fronts.

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