Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Based on the eponymous 2013 film by Bong Joon-ho and the 1982 French graphic novel ‘Le Transperceneige’ by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette, TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer’ centers around the eponymous train, which accommodates humanity’s sole survivors when the planet Earth becomes a frozen wasteland. The third season of the show begins with the aftermath of Layton and his allies’ attempts to find Melanie by splitting Snowpiercer into two.

The premiere episode follows the crew of the pirate train, trying to analyze the warm spots outside Snowpiercer with the help of the data collected by Melanie. Since the episode and its ending leave behind numerous questions and developments to ponder over, the viewers must be looking for a detailed account of the same. On that note, let us guide you through the first episode of the show’s season 3! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

The narrative of the season 3 premiere, titled ‘The Tortoise and the Hare,’ starts six months after the events of season 2 ending. A furious Wilford tries to establish his complete authority aboard the Snowpiercer while resistance brews among the lower-class passengers. With the guidance of Ruth, who hides from Wilford’s wrath, Pike directs the Tailies. Meanwhile, the crew of the pirate train starts to collect information regarding the changing climate on Earth. During one such investigation in North Korea, Ben falls into an underground reactor.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

To rescue Ben, Layton and Josie leave the train and start looking for him. Alexandra and Bess start the train for heat and agree to return for Ben, Layton, and Josie. In the Snowpiercer, Wilford investigates an issue concerning the water resources with Kevin. Through Oz, Kevin finds out that the second-class water master is providing hot baths for people associated with the resistance. He initiates a search in the train and Pike helps Ruth to hide. Wilford captures the water master and punishes him along with a Tailie.

Miss Audrey gets released from the lockup with the help of Martin and goes to the engine room. She asks Alex to join the Snowpiercer rather than trying to rescue Layton and the crew. Her persuasion comes to an end when Bess hits her head to render her unconscious. Layton and Josie find Ben, who struggles with low support from his suit. Layton goes down using a rope and helps Ben get out of the reactor. He asks Josie to carry him to the pirate train, which arrives for them at the moment.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 1 Ending: Who is in the Red Costume? Does Life Exist Outside Snowpiercer?

After successfully rescuing Ben, Layton decides to inspect the reactor upon doubting that the place is still in operation. Even though his suit is running on low energy, he starts to search for any information. During his search, he gets attacked by an anonymous individual in a red costume. He fights the attacker even when his suit begins to run out of charge. Even though the identity of the person remains unknown, the closing shot of the episode reveals that the individual is a woman and she can be a scientist who survived the freeze with the mechanisms available in the reactor.

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The individual’s presence in an isolated underground facility, that is covered with ice, does assure that life exists outside Snowpiercer. Melanie’s findings — that state the planet Earth is indeed getting warmer — do leave doors open for Layton, Ben, and others to investigate the chances of recolonizing Earth. However, they haven’t seriously considered the possibilities of the existence of life beyond the passengers of Snowpiercer. Layton’s encounter with the unknown woman may change the understanding regarding life after the freeze. With one survivor of the freeze right in front of them, we can expect the crew of the pirate train to consider the prospects of finding more remnants of the apocalypse that were not in Snowpiercer.

Does Layton Make it to the Pirate Train? What Happens to the Person in Red Costume?

Yes, Layton does make it to the pirate train. Layton’s encounter with the attacker stops him from following Josie and Ben to the pirate train. When the battery of his suit depletes, he falls to the ground. Since Josie is under the impression that Layton still has enough time left in his suit, she starts to expect him after helping Ben in the train. When Ben reveals that Layton’s suit does not have enough charge left in it, Josie fears the worst. But contrary to their worries, Layton does make it to the train, carrying his attacker in the red costume on his shoulders.

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The closing shot of the episode reveals that Layton manages to safely return to the pirate train. He ponders over the visions he had during the encounter in the underground reactor. With Layton back on the train, we can expect the crew’s investigations to continue, despite the opposition of Miss Audrey. Along with Melanie’s findings, the anonymous attacker’s existence is expected to lead the crew in a new direction in their investigation. Since the attacker has supposedly survived the freeze for nearly eight years, the experiences and findings of the person may turn out to be invaluable for the crew in their quest to understand the changes in climate.

What Does Wilford Do to Layton and Zarah’s Baby?

Leaving Zarah in Wilford’s Snowpiercer is one of the toughest decisions Layton makes to rescue Melanie from the research base. To prevent Wilford from hurting Zarah, he takes Miss Audrey hostage. But Layton’s actions do incite repercussions from Wilford, although indirectly. Rather than harming Zarah or their unborn baby explicitly, he relies on his medical experts to take care of the baby.

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Even though we don’t get to know what exactly Wilford does to the baby, we see the Headwoods injecting something into Zarah and the baby. Since Layton’s child must be the last thing that matters to him, we can expect worse from Wilford. Whatever his actions are, they can be his way of retaliating to the absence of Miss Audrey.

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