Songlorious Shark Tank Update: Where is Songlorious Today?

Just like every single individual has their own story, so does every musical record. However, combining the two aspects is not something just anyone can do. That’s where Songlorious, a production-like corporation that helps people hear and share their tale through a custom song by professionals, comes into play. As seen on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 2, since music lovers Ellen Hodges and Omayya Atout are the masterminds behind this platform, quality is ensured. So now, if you are curious to know more about them and their business, we’ve got you covered!

Songlorious: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Songlorious co-founders Ellen Hodges and Omayya Atout first met in 2019 on an online platform while looking to start a band. While the University of Alabama graduate was working in the railroad in Brooklyn at that time, the Miami University alum, Ellen, served as a barista. From there, they forged a bond like no other and ended up falling in love, only to get married. Then, as the pandemic hit and the couple began exploring their passion for music even more, they discerned that people have extraordinary stories that can and should be told through songs not already made or on the radio.

Thus, Songlorious was born out of their Bushwick apartment. It’s basically a company that allows consumers to create the soundtrack of their life or a particular experience with the help of a professional musician. Since it is very user-friendly, all you have to do is head on over to their website, pick a genre (pop, hip-hop, country, etc.), choose the length of the record, and then the mood. Following that, you must pen down the narrative, reveal if the song is for a special occasion, and a few details you definitely want to be included within the lyrics.

Songlorious: Where Are They Now?

Since Songlorious prides itself on being effective and efficient, consumers have the option to choose from more than 150 skilled artists or let the firm pick someone based on the submitted information. As if that’s not already enough, they promise that your studio-quality personalized record will be in your possession within just four business days! The song is delivered to you through a specifically designed web page with an option to download the MP3 file. But if you want more, you can have it published on streaming services and/or a physical copy.

While a 30-second jingle would cost you a minimum of $45, a one-minute record is $90, and a 2-minute song is $145. As for a full-length 3-minute single, you will have to pay $195. There’s an added fee of $20 to select the artist on your own and a $150 charge if you plan on using the song in commercial projects. Furthermore, if you want it published or have a physical copy, you need to spend an extra $60. For a package delivery deal, the cost is $100. In short, a record from Songlorious can be pretty expensive, but it’ll be worth it, considering the emotions that’ll shine through.

That much is proven by the rave reviews the company has received within a year of its launch and the fact that it has already produced nearly 11,000 songs. Since Songlorious employs its professional roster, they give people an opportunity to showcase their talent and, hence, helps them break into the mainstream music industry for good.

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