Sorinn and Lola From Ex on the Beach: All We Know About the Couple

‘Ex on the Beach Couples: Now or Never’ is an expansion of the popular reality television show, ‘Ex on the Beach,’ that features six couples who head off to a beachside vacation looking to have a good time, soaking up the sun while also engaging in some romance with their future significant other. However, the fun gets interrupted by the arrival of their exes.

Sorinn and Lola’s romance get interrupted by Chris, Lola’s ex. The romance between the two comes under the microscope, especially with Chris’ presence. Fans must be curious to know more about the couple and about their personal lives. Let’s find out everything we know about Sorinn and Lola.

Everything We Know About Sorinn Lillico

Hailing from Arlington, Texas, Sorinn Lillico moved to New York City to achieve his dream of becoming a fine artist. He is very close to his family and a proud brother to his little sister Gabbie. He speaks and works through his modern art, which features an array of emotions with great color play. His art pieces have been featured across the State in different art galleries such as the Lehmann Maupin. He is truly a talented artist, whose art is beyond compare. In one of the pieces, entitled, ‘Fallen Falling Fall Fall Over & Over Again,’ we see the raw emotions and mental state that an artist goes through, which they express through their art.

Fans of the fine artist would be interested to know that the multitalented Sorinn has also tried his hands in the music industry, and his singles, “Fall in Line” and “SWUPTH,” shows the great talent of the artist. Sorinn knew he had found the love of his life when he laid his eyes on Lola and knew he wanted to spend a lifetime with her. However, her past relationship with Christopher Patron made him highly insecure. We hope the pair make it through the hurdles life throws at them hand in hand.

Everything We Know About Lola De Lepine

Lola De Lepine is a beautiful French-Carribean trans woman hailing from Martinique Islands. She moved to New York during her teenage years and since then has fallen in love with the country. She is very close to her brother, Elishah, who is a nursing student. She performed on the Ballroom Scenes, which features Black and Latino drag queens who organize their own pageants in opposition to racism experienced in established drag queen pageant circuits.

In the confessional of ‘Iconic & Legendary Mothers of Ballroom,’ she said, “Coming to America was a breath of fresh air and energy, and I just felt free even though at the time we may not have been as free as now, but back then I still felt free and accepted..” She added, “I felt like I could be accepted to be a part of something…” Currently, she is working as a make-up artist and a professional model. Though not much is known about the relationship between Lola and her ex-boyfriend Chris, fans are greatly rooting for her journey with fine artist Sorinn, and we hope the pair make it out together.

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