Spirit Wallace: Where is Is It Cake Season 2 Runner-Up Now?

If hyper-realistic cakes resembling daily objects fascinate you, then Netflix’s ‘Is It Cake?’ will be right up your alley. Based on the eponymous viral internet meme, the reality baking show brings together ten bakers from various parts of the country to participate in the ultimate competition, wherein they have to create delicious cakes that replicate anything ranging from furniture to clothes to even gadgets and food items.

With a $75,000 prize at stake, each chef showcases their best to present a realistic cake to the judges. Similarly, season 2 of ‘Is It Cake?’ introduced the viewers to ten interesting cake artists, including Spirit Wallace, who took home the second runner-up title and inspired everyone with her confidence. With the cameras now turned away, let’s find out what’s been happening in her life lately, shall we?

Who is Spirit Wallace?

A proud mother of two, Spirit Wallace is an experienced baker based in Torrance, California. She has an impressive clientele, including celebrities like Diddy and DJ Khaled, and she successfully runs her business, A Pinch of Spirit, which specializes in customized luxury cakes and desserts. On top of it, Spirit has previously appeared on shows for Food Network and BET, so the Netflix show is not her first stint with cooking competitions. During her appearance on the show, she shared that she grew up in the foster care system and had eighteen siblings, so she moved out of California for college to experience some change.

While Spirit’s first cake on ‘Is It Cake?’ season 2, based on workout kettlebells, was praised by the judges, it failed to make much of a mark. Hence, she elevated her game by going for harder choices and challenging ingredients. Given her immense love for her kids, Spirit also tried paying tribute to them by using their favorite flavors to craft her cakes. Some of her cake designs on the show included replicas of a printer, a tea kettle, and a softball helmet. Eventually, she did not win the episodic $10,000 prize but did win a spot in the finale, where she paired up with Liz Marek for her final cake.

The duo created a cake shaped like a record player with dual flavors and exciting ingredients. Spirit shared that it represented her affection for her father, from whom she acquired a love for music. Moreover, she selected flavors her children liked to add a sentimental touch to her final piece. While the cake touched everyone’s hearts, Spirit was sadly eliminated when the judges recognized it from among its decoys. Regardless of not making it as the winner, Spirit cheered for her fellow contestants and impressed all with her confidence.

Where is Spirit Wallace Now?

After filming ended, Spirit returned to her regular life in Torrance and is now busy with her celebrity baking business. Furthermore, she is a hands-on mom to her kids, Jru Righteous and J’Rai, and loves spending time with them amid her busy work schedule. Spirit divulged on the show that she wishes to be a homeowner soon and give her kids a roof to call their own, so she is likely focused on working on that.

Not just that, to honor her past as a foster child, Spirit frequently contributes to organizations helping foster kids and at-risk youth. While Spirit doesn’t seem to have a significant other at the moment, she is entirely focused on expanding her business and making memories with her loved ones. Besides, she frequently shares photos and videos of the desserts she creates for her social media followers. Popularly called the Cake G.O.A.T., Spirit has completed at least 500 cakes to date. It genuinely is heartwarming to see her thriving, and we wish her and her kids the best.

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