Is It Cake Season 2: Where Are The Bakers Now?

Netflix’s ‘Is It Cake?’ is an exciting reality baking competition show that follows ten diverse bakers who must participate in various challenges and create hyper-realistic cakes replicating miscellaneous daily life objects. Based on the viral internet meme of the same name, the show features unbelievable and unimaginable cakes that imitate gadgets, furniture, food items, and even clothes, which celebrity judges must identify from amidst a set of decoys. Season 2 of the cooking competition also introduced ten interesting competitors, each with unique skills and ideas. Since filming has ended, you must be eager to know what your favorite contestants are up to these days. Well, worry not because we’ve got you covered!

Elizabeth Howe is Excelling in Luxury Baking Now

We are starting with Elizabeth Howe, the winner of ‘Is It Cake?’ season 2. The English-born pastry chef resides in Texas, where she moved around sixteen years before she appeared on the show. Elizabeth successfully runs two outlets of her luxury bakery, The London Baker, in Lewisville and Castle Hills. She specializes in Halloween and zombie-themed cakes and is an expert in creating realistic eyes for her spooky creations. On the personal front, the award-winning baker married her longtime boyfriend, Cody Daniel, in a beautiful ceremony in April 2023.

Miko Kaw Hok Uy is Creating Artistic Desserts Today

New York-based Filipino artist Miko Kaw Hok Uy became the first runner-up of season 2 and impressed everyone with his attention to detail. Apart from the Netflix show, he has previously appeared on Disney+’s ‘Foodtastic: Star Wars.’ Having been an artist for thirty years, Miko is an expert in creating intricate desserts replicating sculptures, paintings, portraits, and flowers. Besides, he has interned with celebrity baker Ron Ben-Israel, which helped him gain immense knowledge. While Miko is pretty private about his personal life, his gastronomic creations are displayed proudly on his social media pages.

Spirit Wallace is Crafting Unique Cakes Now

Spirit Wallace, AKA the Cake G.O.A.T., is a celebrity baker from Torrance, California, who has her own company called A Pinch of Spirit. Through it, she has created fabulous cakes for several renowned faces, such as DJ Khaled and Diddy. Besides, she is a doting mother to her daughter, Jru Righteous, and her son, J’Rai, and loves sharing the memories they make together on social media. Having spent her childhood in foster care, Spirit makes it a point to contribute to organizations that help at-risk youth in the foster care system. With at least 500 unique cakes to her credit, the talented pastry chef has also appeared on shows for BET and Food Network.

Danya Smith is Teaching Baking Online

Richmond, Virginia, native Danya Smith holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree and has attended one of the most prestigious sculpture programs in the country. She operates her business, Layers Cake Studio, through which she shares interesting baking tutorials and videos on what goes into making hyper-realistic cakes online. With significant followers on various online platforms, Danya is a social media star who continues utilizing her fine arts knowledge and love for baking to create stunning cakes for every occasion and imagination. Though she didn’t win on the show, she took home $10,000, which she hopes to put to good use.

Pete Tidwell is Hosting a Baking Podcast Today

A two-time winner on Food Network’s ‘Cake Wars’ and a finalist on ‘Halloween Baking Championship,’  Pete Tidwell is a custom cake artist from Provo, Utah. According to him, his love for baking began while working at his brother’s deli during his early days. Apart from being an expert baker who creates unique sweet delights, Pete hosts his podcast, ‘Make More Dough Podcast,’ which has several online followers. Other than baking, the Utah native is a Business Coach who helps local businesses with his expertise.

Kayla Giddings is Excelling in Baking Competitions

A University of Louisiana at Lafayette alumna and former sorority member, Kayla developed a passion for baking in college when she was 19. In fact, she would often treat her sorority sisters to the delicious treats she whipped up. Interestingly, Kayla worked as a teacher for seven years after completing her education but eventually decided to quit to pursue her culinary dreams. Today, she is an expert baker who has not just appeared in the Netflix show but has even appeared in five Food Network baking competitions and won four of them. On the personal front, Kayla tied the knot with her partner Adam in January 2023 and even made her wedding cake.

Corrterrius Allen is Building a Career in Social Work

Popularly called ‘DaCakeGoat of Mississippi,’ Corrterrius Allen began making customized cakes right from his college dorm during his senior year at Mississippi State Valley University. Such was the demand for his sweet creations that would get sold out overnight. In May 2023, the Shelby, Mississippi, native graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and is focused on building a successful career. Before appearing on the Netflix series, Corrterrius previously was a contestant on Food Network’s ‘Halloween Wars.’

Liz Marek is Conducting Online Cake Decorating Classes

One of the most experienced contestants on the show, Liz Marek, is an acclaimed cake decorator and artist from Beaverton, Oregon. Her love affair with baking commenced in 2007, and soon she attended the Oregon Culinary Institute for baking and pastry. After years of professional baking and posting online tutorials from her home-based kitchen, Liz closed her first business, Artisan Cake Company, in 2015. That year, she and her husband, Dan, started Sugar Geek Show, an online cake decorating school where she teaches aspiring bakers how to create jaw-dropping cakes.

Liz has not only conducted classes and workshops worldwide but has also authored the 2014 book, ‘Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating,’ considered the ultimate cake decoration guidebook by bakers. Besides, she has competed in several reality TV baking competitions and has been featured in numerous prestigious magazines. Today, Liz is an award- expert in creating hyper-realistic cakes and continues achieving greater heights in her career.

Justin Salinas is Creating Dessert Art and Teaching Baking Classes

When Bakersfield, California, resident Justin Salinas was just 15, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. During that tumultuous time, watching cake-decorating videos became his respite. Hence, after recovering from his transplant, he decided to pursue baking full-time as a career. With fifteen years of industry experience as a dessert artist and content creator, Justin specializes in cakes and cookies. Apart from posting his baking videos online, he also conducts in-person classes under his company, Cake It With Justin.

Jarid Altmark is Judging Baking Competitions Now

Jarid Altmark has had an illustrious career in the culinary industry, with him falling in love with baking at the tender age of 12, thanks to his grandfather. He competed in his first competition at 14, and since then, there has been no looking back for the Orlando, Florida, resident. The multi-award-winning cake artist graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Screenwriting.

In 2014, Jarid founded his company, Jarid’s Awesome Cakes, through which he creates customized cakes for clients. In 2018, he became the youngest contestant on Food Network’s ‘Halloween Wars,’ and has even participated in ‘Holiday Wars’ and ‘Food Network Challenge.’ Now 20, the young pastry chef travels the country while conducting workshops and classes as well as gracing various prestigious baking competitions as a judge.

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