Spy Classroom Episode 10 Recap: Mission: Daughter Dearest iii

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 10 titled ‘Mission: Daughter Dearest iii,’ Grete and Klaus formulate a plan to take down Corpse. A party is later held at Mr. Uwe’s mansion in which some high-profile guests pay a visit. Thanks to Grete’s alertness, things go smoothly but Olivia does question her strange behavior as she spends almost all of her time in the kitchen. Later, Corpse tries to assassinate Mr. Uwe one more time and he barely manages to survive.

Grete Joins Klaus’ Plan to Capture Corpse

Although Sybilla and Lily try to catch Corpse, they fail to track him down. Later, Klaus has a long meeting with Grete in which they focus on the strategy in the coming days. Lamplight’s boss uses the chance to learn more about Grete’s background and enquires why she failed to excel despite obviously being better than others. Grete reveals the strange secret that she is not good around men because of which she is unable to perform at her best. However, she also clarifies that Klaus is an exception for some reason.

A party is later organized at Mr. Uwe’s mansion where some high-profile guests arrive. Grete has already bugged the entire property and made other arrangements to make sure things go smoothly. Her plans succeed but since she spends most of her time in the kitchen, Olivia questions her behavior. Grete lies that she couldn’t be around other men because she misses the man she loves. Later, Corpse makes another assassination attempt on Mr. Uwe and he barely escapes.

Mr. Uwe thanks Sybilla who is the first person to reach his room. She has actually changed the direction of his bed, which has put him in the blind spot of anyone trying to shoot inside the mansion. Sybilla tries to convince her boss to keep a guard but Olivia rejects that possibility. She then argues that Mr. Uwe should fire the newly hired maids and questions Sybilla’s strange calmness despite the seriousness of the situation.

Who is Behind the Attack on Mr. Uwe? Why Do Sara, Sybilla, and Lily Confront Grete?

Just when Olivia seems suspicious of Sybilla and her friends and even goes as far as asking Uwe to fire them, Grete arrives on the scene and asks her to drop the piece of glass that she is holding in her hands. Realizing that Grete has rightly pointed out her strange behavior, Olivia decides to back off. Sybilla then talks to Grete and learns that Klaus has entrusted everything to her. Grete requests Sybilla to take Mr. Uwe to another room while she takes care of cleaning on her own. Later as she is returning to her room after doing her work, Lily realizes that she is on her own from now on.

If she makes even one mistake, things can go south really quickly for her friends. Therefore, Grete vows to revise the plans as many times as she can so that there are no blind spots. But then Sara, Lily, and Sybilla confront her and take her hostage. They then take Grete to her room and enquire her about recent events. Grete finally confesses that she was actually behind the two attacks on Mr. Uwe. She disguised herself as Corpse to observe the behavior of the guards and maids in the mansion and be better prepared for the battle when they are challenged.

Grete has been brave enough to share the burden of responsibilities that Klaus has been carrying. Now, her three friends feel that they need to ask her to entrust some of that burden to them as well. Before they could discuss things any further, Olivia opens the gate slightly revealing that she has heard everything. After announcing that she knew that they were operatives, she drops a grenade into the room. The four spies barely survive after hiding behind the thick bed mattress. However, the grenade is powerful enough to fling them out of the window.

Olivia tries to go for the kill by using another grenade but Mr. Bernade catches it in the air and tries to take it away as far as possible. But just after the owl drops the grenade, it explodes after which he also plummets to the grounds. In such a desperate situation, others start looking for Klaus since he is experienced but Grete gives them the reality check by revealing that they are on their own as their boss won’t be coming for help.

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