Spy Classroom Episode 9 Recap: Mission: Daughter Dearest ii

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 9 titled ‘Mission: Daughter Dearest ii,’ Klaus informs Lamplight about their next assignment in which he will pick the four most talented spies among them to go on a mission to catch the dangerous assassin named Corpse. When Lily and Sibylla see an opportunity they try to outsmart their boss and make him surrender. But their ploy ends up backfiring as they end up poisoning themselves. Later, Klaus picks Lily, Grete, Sara, and Sibylla for their mission to catch Corpse.

Klaus Plans to Capture Corpse

Klaus meets Lamplight and informs them about their next mission. An assassin named Corpse has been killing prominent politicians and other spies recently and it has become really crucial that he is stopped as soon as possible. Klaus has been given this responsibility, but since he has been overwhelming himself with missions lately he decides to take some help. That’s where Lamplight comes into the picture.

Klaus informs them that only the four best spies from Lamplight will be allowed to go with him on the mission. One day when he is having a long discussion with Grete about the same, Lily and Sibylla feel that this is their chance to surprise their boss and make him surrender. But instead of poisoning his food, they plan to poison his tea instead. When he is finally free, they serve him a delicious meal and then offer him tea at the end of it. But instead of drinking it, Klaus prepares a meal for Lily and Sibylla which is so delicious that they end up eating too much.

When they feel a need to drink something, their boss offers them the same tea following which they wake up in their beds realizing they screwed up their plan. However, they are then shocked to learn that Klaus picked the two of them along with Grete and Sara for the mission. The four spies are then given the responsibility to work as maids for Uwe, a politician who is expected to get assassinated next by Corpse.

What Ailments Does Uwe Have? Does Corpse Attack Uwe?

One night, Sibylla manages to access the library in Uwe’s mansion. There she finds a book that has records of his life’s work. It turns out that he specializes in welfare policy and has worked hard working for the impoverished. But before she can read everything, Uwe barges into the room and catches her red-handed. He notices what she has been reading and does not try to hide anything from her. Uwe then recalls a story he heard about eight years ago.

The postwar days back then made life miserable and gangs took an advantage of the poor law and order situation. However, Uwe stressed that it was the cannibals who were the worst. They committed every crime under the sun and complicated life for ordinary citizens. But one day, their ringleader suddenly got arrested. It was his own daughter who had tipped off the police and interestingly she also had white hair just like Siyblla.

The girl with white hair had done everything to keep his siblings safe who were dragged into the world of crime for no fault of their own. Uwe notices that the girl must have been around Siyblla’s age now. But because of her mistakes, Uwe decides to fire all three newly hired maids. Later that evening, Siyblla meets her comrades and apologizes to them. However, she promises to cook a delicious meal for Uwe, hoping that he will like it and realize his mistake.

The following morning when Uwe eats the breakfast cooked by Siyblla, he claims that it is inedible even though it tastes better than last time. That confirms Siyblla’s suspicion, which then proves that he has a taste disorder caused by vitamin deficiency. It is later revealed that he also has night blindness. So after Siyblla manages to convince Uwe to fire only her and her comrades, she uses his ailments to her advantage.

Since Uwe has night blindness, Siyblla becomes his driver, since he needs someone to drive his car only at night. This way all four of the spies continue to live near Uwe. One night as he is getting out of the car, Uwe barely avoids an assassination attempt. It is soon revealed that Corpse has finally shown up to achieve his mission. As Siyblla’s comrades rush to the scene, they get caught in a trap laid by the assassin. But luckily, Klaus is near them and helps them escape. He then goes deep into the forest chasing Corpse.

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