Spy Classroom Episode 8 Recap: Mission: Daughter Dearest I

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 8 titled ‘Mission: Daughter Dearest I,’ Klaus is overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities as a spy and Grete slowly begins to get concerned about her well-being. When one of his seniors asks him about his strange habit of not involving Lamplight members in missions, Klaus finally feels that he should reconsider his decision. When one day he discusses the same with Lily and eventually decides to take her and others on his next mission, he suddenly finds himself in a well-thought trap.

Klaus Considers Taking Lamplight Members’ Help

An assassin from Galgad who has managed to infiltrate the Republic targets agents and politicians one after another. Meanwhile, Klaus has been actively involved in several missions and has done quite well to consistently finish each one of them without fail. However, all these responsibilities have been naturally making him weary. When one of his seniors has a meeting with him, he tells Klaus to involve Lamplight members in his future assignments. He talks about the loss that the Republic has already suffered because of the untimely death of all Inferno members except him.

Later that night, Grete visits his room and offers to comfort him as she feels that he has been pushing himself too hard lately. Grete’s romantic advances are too obvious at this point but Klaus naturally has his guard up. He suspects that she is trying to seduce him just to lay out a trap so that she and her comrades can eventually make him surrender. But when the truth becomes painfully obvious, Klaus makes sure that Grete leaves his room immediately. The following day Klaus takes Lily with him to the town and on the way asks her about her willingness to get involved in a mission.

When Lily opens up about her desire to be closer to the action just like her comrades who want to make the world a better place, Klaus tells her that they will go on a mission right now. But it turns out that he is going to deal with the enemies alone while he sends Lily away for shopping and sightseeing in the meantime. When he later returns, he hears a gunshot and a tire getting punctured almost simultaneously. As he walks in the direction of the gunshot, he finds Lily with a bullet injury on her right hand. She then tells him to walk onward to chase the man responsible for her wound.

But when he later returns to the same spot, unable to find the assassin he has been looking for and feeling that something didn’t add up, he finds Lily again. However, Lily stabs him with her poisoned needles this time, claiming that he had just told her moments ago to do that. Klaus is quick to figure out that he and Lily were both fooled by imposters. Grete and her comrades who have made the whole plan show up soon afterward, feeling that they have finally won against their boss.

Does Lamplight Manage to Make Their Boss Surrender? How Does Klaus See Through Their Plan?

Once Grete and her teammates feel that they have finally cornered Klaus, she puts a gun on his head. She is confident that Lily’s poison has already started working and her boss is now in a vulnerable state. But instead of surrendering, Klaus asks Grete how long he will have to put up with the whole drama. He then pushes her back and manages to snatch the weapon from her hand.

Lamplight’s boss reveals that he knew about the plan because the entire build-up was not done perfectly and there were obvious flaws. For instance, Grete and her comrades tried to cover the sound of a gunshot with that of a punctured tire clearly knowing that only a spy would be able to realize there were two separate sounds. This obviously implied that someone was luring Klaus into a trap. Therefore, Lamplight once again failed to fool their boss as he was always one step ahead of them.

Does Grete Loves Klaus? How Does Lamplight’s Boss Plan to Take Down the Assassin from Galgad?

After Lamplight once again fails to make Klaus surrender, they return to the Heat Haze palace disappointed. When their boss is alone in his room, Grete pays him a visit with a cup of tea. She directly tells him that she could help him make his day a perfect one by embracing her. By this point, she has flirted with Lamplight’s boss on several instances, so he directly asks her if she is in love with him. Grete does not lie but tells Klaus that she does not wish to hear his honest thoughts on the matter since her heart is not prepared for it.

Klaus respects her words but then discusses the recent attack on him. He is quite amazed that Grete managed to put such an ingenious plan together even though she was quite clueless about so many aspects of the whole scenario. Grete then makes the shocking confession that she barely took two seconds to think of the plan after running many variations of the strategy through her head. Klaus is impressed with her performance and then asks her to enlist three other members from Lamplight so that he can take on the assassin from the Galgad Empire who has been lately targeting Republic agents and spies.

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