Spy Classroom Episode 7 Recap: File: Meadow Sara

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 7 titled ‘File: Meadow Sara,’ Thea turns the attention of Lamplight members towards the concerning condition of the manor. Interestingly, Sara without ever directly talking to her teammates does the repair work as she feels that she does not deserve to be with the team. After learning about the whole situation, Klaus challenges Lamplight to a competition.

Sara Struggles With Self Doubt

Ever since Lamplight is challenged by Klaus to make his surrender the members have been working day and night to achieve the seemingly impossible. As they plan yet another attack where they plan to use explosives, Thea realizes that she cannot hold back anymore and decides to remind her allies of something that they have obviously ignored all this time. In their efforts to make Klaus surrender, Lamplight members have paid no regard to the damage they have been causing to the manor. Now the property is in a terrible state, Thea feels that they have the responsibility to do something about it.

But Monika is opposed to the idea and immediately refuses to help in any manner. However, the problem is already too big to ignore and Erna even got injured when a door fell on her the previous night. Without ever telling her allies, Sara goes out of her room every night to fix the manor. One evening she meets Erna, who tells her about a ghost encounter. Sara naturally does not believe her but Erna really feels stuck because of the ghost in the manor and all the wild animals Sara has befriended in the shed.

Later that night when Sara goes to repair the house again, she also feels that she saw someone going into the kitchen. When she goes to check, she is relieved to find Klaus there, who is busy doing the dishes. It seems that Erna’s mysterious ghost was none other than Lamplight’s boss. Sara explains how she feels that she is not a deserving member of her team, so she contributes anonymously by doing the repair work at the manor when everyone is sleeping. Klaus feels that she is underestimating herself and it seems that he sees a lot of potential in her.

The following morning, Klaus cooks a tasty breakfast for the Lamplight members. But then he reveals that he will be cooking meat later and won’t be serving it to his subordinates. Naturally, Lamplight members protest so Klaus challenges them to a competition in which they clean and repair different parts of the manor. If they can win even one of the five challenges, Lamplight can earn themselves the delicious meat. When the challenge starts, Klaus easily defeats them in one of the four challenges.

Does Lamplight Win the Competition Against Klaus? Does Sara Convince Her Teammates Of the Repair of the Manor?

In the last round of the test, Klaus reveals that he will be competing against Lamplight in a window cleaning competition. So far Lamplight has lost all other rounds and this is their last opportunity to make a mark. If they win, they get to eat tasty meat cooked by their boss. Lily explains that the best way to approach this challenge is by splashing water all at once on the windows first, followed by thorough cleaning. But there is no key issue with this technique. Lily argues that going back down for more water significantly slows down the whole process and derails any advantage gained.

Sara listens quietly and immediately knows what she needs to do to help his team. While everyone ran towards the window, Sara ran in the opposite direction. Lamplight did not have time to wait and understand what she was trying to accomplish, so they continued with their work. It turns out that Sara had realized that she could use the help of the animals on the property who she had befriended in recent weeks. She uses them to transport water to her friends so that Lily’s plans can be put to test.

While Sara does a great job, Lamplight eventually fails to defeat their boss, who eventually wins every single round that day. At the dinner table that night, the members express their helplessness and really feel sorry that they couldn’t win. Sara feels that this is the right opportunity to bring up the topic of repairing the manor with her friends. When she mentions it, Monika is quick to point out that she doesn’t want to participate just like the previous day. Sara then makes the case that the responsibility is just as crucial as any other they have been assigned ever since they came to the manor.

Interestingly, Sara eventually manages to convince Lamplight members of the repair work. When she meets Klaus later that night, he praises her efforts and reminds her that she should not judge herself by the training she had at the academy alone. This is one of those instances where Klaus really tries to bond with Lamplight members which is critical for the success of the Impossible Mission that they eventually end up participating in.

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