Spy Classroom Episode 6 Recap: File: Pandemonium Sybilla

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 6 titled ‘File: Pandemonium Sybilla,’ the Lamplight continues to try and fail to make Klaus surrender. When they learn that the boss is going to the town to procure some important documents, Sybilla volunteers to steal them so that they can be used to blackmail him. Unfortunately, the plan does not really turn out as Sybilla had expected and she ends up getting poisoned by a girl involved in a sinister thieving ring made of children.

Lamplight Tries to Blackmail Klaus

In order to catch Klaus off-guard, Lamplight members plant a gas bomb on Lily without her permission. Unfortunately, when it finally detonates, their boss has managed to wear a gas mask which saves him. Naturally, Lily is infuriated that his team used her as a puppet but her friends explain that they were getting frustrated as they were unable to surprise Klaus so far. When one of them reveals that their boss is going to the town the following day to procure some documents, Sybilla volunteers to steal them. They plan to use them to make him surrender.

The following day Sybilla follows Klaus wherever he goes but fails to find any opening to steal the document. When he eventually sits in a park to eat lunch, a girl approaches with a glass of orange juice for him. Sybilla realizes that there is something sinister about the whole thing and rushes to push the glass of juice. It turns out the girl’s name is Fine and she was reaching out for Klaus’ bag because she wanted the box of colors. Since she does not stop crying, Klaus sews a red colored cat on her clothes to make her happy.

Fine then apologizes for making a fuss and offers a glass of juice to Sybilla to make up for everything. Sybilla is happy that things were resolved and drinks the juice following which she and her boss offer to take the young girl to her house. When they eventually reach a dark alley, Sybilla falls to the ground and Fine runs away after snatching her handbag. It turns out that the orange juice had poison in it and Fine is actually involved in a sinister thieving ring made of children. Luckily, the bag she stole had a transmitter, so the spy duo can track her down.

How Do Sybilla and Klaus Expose the Sinister Thieving Ring Made of Children? Why Did Sybilla Decide to Become a Spy?

Using the transmitter, Sybilla and Klaus eventually reach a dilapidated apartment. It turns out that orphans and other kidnapped kids have been kept there against their will and trained to steal. The mastermind criminal behind all this acts as the children’s father and manipulates them to commit crimes. Although there are obvious signs of force being used on these innocent kids, the sinister kidnapper pretends to be a considerate father who just wants to feed and clothe his children.

When Fine hands over the bag to the mastermind, he claims that the content is worth no more than chump change. He then approaches Fine, probably to beat her up, all the while claiming that he loves her. That’s exactly when Sybilla intervenes with Klaus and starts questioning the criminal. The mastermind claims that the spy duo has no right to forcefully enter his property without permission and pretends to be a kind father who is just looking after his children.

Sybilla recalls how Fine had reacted when she tried to hold her hand earlier in the park. Although she just wanted to give her some reassurance, the strange reaction of inexplicable fear was proof of trauma caused because of continuous physical abuse. The black marks on Fine’s hands were proof of her pretend father’s crimes. Sybilla understood Fine’s pain extremely well since she had been a victim of physical abuse when she lived in an orphanage at a young age.

Sybilla was often beaten up for no mistake of her own and watching Fine go through something similar unfortunately refreshed her memories. It turns out that she had decided to become a spy primarily driven by the desire to fix the world which allowed innocent children to be abused. So, it is not surprising at all that she then fought the criminal mastermind running the thieving ring and managed to take her gun away. She fired a warning shot to remind him that she won’t hesitate to shoot him dead.

Interestingly, the criminal had a man in the police force, so he tells the spy duo that even if they got him arrested, he would be out in no time. Klaus asks if the man he is talking about is Inspector Angerer and then informs him that he is right now being arrested by the Military Intelligence Department for espionage. Then Klaus proceeds to restrain the criminal as well and informs him that the children will be protected. Later that day, he praises Sybilla for having the heart of a spy and also informs her that he is confident that the children of the nation will owe her a debt one day.

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