Spy Classroom Episode 5 Recap: File: Lamplight Days

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 5 titled ‘File: Lamplight Days,’ Lily and her teammates decide to target Klaus individually since they have failed to achieve anything together. Unfortunately, their efforts to take their boss down continue to fail. Lily still feels that they only have a shot when they work together and decide to get Lamplight on the same page with an innovative plan.

Klaus Faces His Disciples

After continuous failures to make Klaus surrender, Lamplight members feel that they need to rethink their approach. While taking a group sauna bath, they conclude that they will probably be better off if they try to approach him individually with their plans. Since there is no rule that says they have to always work as a team, this does seem to be something permissible. But they need to be very careful since Klaus is an experienced spy. Although Lily does not seem too thrilled about the idea, she does not protest much when her teammates decide to go ahead with this plan.

One night, Lily comes across Thea, who invites her to spend some time with her. Lily is impressed by Thea’s room, but the latter mentions that she actually wanted to get the side room. Unfortunately, Lily managed to get it before her. Thea mentions that Lily has an impressive body and she should try using it to seduce the Teacher. Although Lily is reluctant, she mentions that she should at least try for the sake of the team. Lamplight’s leader eventually relents but fails to achieve anything. Meanwhile, Annett continues to put traps all over the mansion but every single time Erna gets caught in them. Naturally, she starts hating Annett and feels that her teammate is deliberately targeting her for fun,

Monika challenged Klaus to a game of billiards confident that the rules gave her an unfair advantage and that he had a good chance to make him surrender. But eventually, that turn out to be a very wrong assumption and Klaus easily crushed her with his skills. Meanwhile, Sibylla challenged Lamplight’s boss at Russian Roulette. When she was handing him a gun, she tried to surreptitiously slide one of the bullets into her palm but Klaus noticed it which made her entire plan redundant

How Old is Klaus? Does Lamplight Manage to Make Him Surrender? Why Does Klaus Never Eat With Lamplight?

After trying to make Klaus surrender on their own, Lamplight members come to realize that their boss is just too experienced for them as individuals and easily manages to see through their plans. This forces them now to reconsider their plans and they eventually conclude that their efforts will be more effective if they worked together. Interestingly, Lily already had a plan and asked for her teammate’s support as a leader so they can take down their boss.

Since Klaus has a mission the following day, Lamplight members decide to follow him wherever he goes in the town. He stops at a restaurant and as soon as he leaves, Sibylla closely monitors his movements and keeps in touch with other group members. Suddenly Klaus vanishes into thin air but Lily has already taken such a situation into account and was using an owl to get an aerial view of the location. This allowed them to gather more intel and continue to monitor Klaus’ movements.

Eventually, Klaus boarded a train and Lily realized that his mission was to some other town that day. But their boss’s restaurant visit has given them some critical information and Lamplight planned to use it. They had found that Klaus avoided certain foods and Lamplight came to the conclusion that he never ate with them to keep that a secret. This is understandable since he is a high-class spy who has accomplished so much and is expected to never reveal any weaknesses.

Based on their learning, Lamplight cooks for Klaus and tries to feed him everything that he is allergic to. Lily knows that he now has to eat everything or surrender. But to Lamplight’s shock, Klaus does not even flinch and enjoys every single cuisine that they have cooked for him. It turns out that Klaus never eats with his mentees for a very specific reason. He feels that sharing meals with people one is closely working with creates emotional bonds that eventually become detrimental for a spy.

Klaus has already lost his teammates in Inferno and continues to carry the pain inside him to this day. It seems he does not want to or just does not have the inner strength to bear the emotional distress that comes with such loss, which is understandable. After failing to take down their boss, Lamplight members discuss their failure and that’s when the topic shifts toward his age. Erna reveals that he asked him about it when they went shopping and he told her that he is just twenty. This shocks Lamplight members since they had not expected Klaus to be so young and around the same age as them.

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