Spy Classroom Episode 4 Recap: File: Fool Erna

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 4 titled ‘File: Fool Erna,’ 20 days before the highly-anticipated operation was successfully executed, Lamplight started their critical training. Erna has had a rough life so far as misfortune always followed wherever she went, so she wanted to make things right now and ensure that her new spy friends do not run away from her. Unfortunately, as she set out to make her work in the world of espionage and shadow war, Erna gets kidnapped along with her mentor Klaus.

Lamplight Start Training for Their Mission

Twenty days before Lamplight led by Lily and Klaus infiltrated the Galgad Empire, they started training for the mission. Erna joined them later but remained isolated from the team. As she goes for a walk in the city, a gang tries to kidnap her. Interestingly, Erna is gifted with the special ability to foresee misfortune and uses this to her advantage. She single-handedly takes down the criminals and manages to flee. Later that night, she recalls horrible memories from the past and vows to become the best so that no one abandons her anymore.

The next morning as she goes to the market, Erna surprisingly comes across Klaus. The two of them decide to go shopping together since Erna has to buy a lot of things and she can’t carry them on her own. Unfortunately, they are almost struck by one misfortune or accident after another and barely manage to keep themselves safe. When they eventually sit down at a cafe, Klaus calls Erna quite lucky since some of the events that day may have gone horribly wrong. This moves Erna to tears as she thinks very negatively about herself.

Who Shared Fake Intel With the Kidnappers? How Did Klaus Free Himself?

After showing gratefulness for Klaus’ magnanimity, Erna asks him to follow her. The duo eventually reach an isolated location away from the market where Klaus informs her that they are being followed. It turns out that the goons are none other than the ones that Erna had to deal with a day earlier. They not only manage to restrain the two but also put them away in a room. Later the leader of the gang finally confronts the duo. But when Klaus notices that he may try to hurt his student, he warns him not to do anything foolish.

The gang leader is overconfident and pushes Klaus to the ground but Lamplight’s mentor is clearly unperturbed. The gang leader gets furious and tells Klaus that he is not killing him only because he can later prove to be a good bargaining chip. This confession is more than enough for the genius spy to finally connect the dots and understand what’s happening. It turns out that Lamplight led by Lily had given the gang leader fake intel that convinced him to go ahead with the operation and kidnap Klaus with Erna.

The criminals were fooled by the rumors and felt that they stand to gain a lot by having the two of them in their possession. But this was a huge mistake. Lamplight now had Klaus in a terrible position, so making the best use of the opportunity, they attacked the gang. Once they were able to take them down, they found Klaus tied up in chains. Lily informs him that they have informed the police and if wants to avoid the embarrassment of being questioned by them, then he can surrender to him and his team gracefully.

Although Lily has thought that Klaus’ vulnerable state would get him to finally surrender and accept defeat, the world’s greatest spy somehow manages to break all the chains and frees himself proclaiming that Lamplight is no match for him. Later at Heat Haze Palace, the group deliberated how their mentor managed to do the seemingly impossible. It turns out that he used a jewel to buy one of the kidnappers, who then damaged the chain.

Once the chain was damaged, it opened the possibility to be easily broken. Another critical event that facilitated this goal was the gang leader momentarily getting furious and shooting at Klaus who used the bullets to damage the chains even further. This eventually allowed him to break the chains in front of Lamplight, making it seem like a miracle.

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