Spy Classroom Episode 11 Recap: Mission: Daughter Dearest iv

In ‘Spy Classroom’ or ‘Spy Kyoushitsu’ episode 11, Sybilla and Lilly learn that Klaus will not come to rescue them since he was never present in or around Uwe’s mansion and Grete has tricked them all this time. While the trio vows to put everything on the line to fight Olivia, Klaus goes after the notorious assassin named Corpse. Unfortunately, Olivia easily manages to beat down Sybilla and Lilly and then goes after Grete to complete her mission.

Grete Tricks Her Friends

Just after the blast, Grete, Lily, and Sybilla rush to check on Mr. Bernard. Despite his injuries, it seems that he would make it. When Grete is asked to clarify her statement that they are on their own, she goes on to reveal that Klaus was never with them on their mission to defend Mr. Uwe. every time that the girls thought they met their mentor, it was actually Grete who had disguised as him. While the girls took down Olivia, Klaus was busy focusing his attention on fighting Corpse. Elsewhere, Olivia recalls how she first met Corpse for the first time and how he turned her life around.

After she managed to leave the life of prostitution behind, she never looked back and became his associate. Therefore, she is determined to give everything to this mission as she knows the stakes are very high. When she eventually confronts Sybilla and Lily, she manages to easily beat them up and pushes them off a cliff. Although Olivia feels that they are dead, the duo is not only safe but have actually planned the fight to go their opponent’s way. Now they know that Grete is waiting for Olivia at Uwe’s mansion and are confident that she will take them down.

Does Klaus Defeat Corpse? What Happens to Olivia?

After Grete is unarmed, Olivia walks her to the edge of the mansion’s terrace and tells her to jump. It turns out that she is planning to pin the blame for Sybilla and Lily’s death on Grete after her forced suicide. However, just when she is about to jump, Grete momentarily bows her head slightly and Olivia falls back. It turns out that she has been shot by Mr. Uwe from the ground who was shocked after seeing Grete unmasked face. Until now Grete has always worn a mask to hide a birthmark on her face and because of previous events, she has deliberately manipulated Mr. Uwe in a manner that he won’t hesitate to shoot whenever he saw that mark.

Despite her shoulder bullet wound, Olivia still manages to gather enough courage to mock Grete and makes fun of her love life. That’s when Klaus shows up there with a huge suitcase. Olivia is naturally alarmed since he was supposed to have been killed by Corpse, but it turns out that he was just a pushover for the world’s strongest spy. While she is still trying to comprehend what has happened, Klaus puts Corpse’s associate in another suitcase ending their violent murder spree.

Does Klaus Loves Grete? What Kind of a Relationship Does He Want With Her?

After the mission is complete, Lily suggests to Klaus that all of them go for a long drive together. But when the day finally comes, Lamplight’s boss learns that he has been tricked by his mentee as no one else except Grete shows up. Still, Klaus sticks with the long-drive plan and goes with Grete. While they are together, he opens up that he has been a lot last month about the ways he would want to reciprocate her love.

Naturally, he is quite conscious of the fact that their professional relationships add another dimension to the whole dilemma and makes everything quite complicated. But he eventually arrives at the conclusion that he would prefer to ignore all his pretenses, ideals, and responsibilities in order to think about the question as a man. After going through the situation at hand and using the aforementioned approach, Klaus arrives at the conclusion that he has no romantic attraction towards Grete.

However, he does clarify that he has never had such feelings for anyone in his life. Instead of giving her romantic love, Klaus opens up his desire to love Grete as a family member. Grete has always known this so this does not come as a surprise to her. So, instead of discussing the topic anymore, he instead removes her mask and asks Klaus how he sees her. Klaus honestly feels that she is beautiful and tells her the truth following which Grete could not hold back her tears any longer.

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