Spy x Family Episode 22 Recap: The Underground Tennis Tournament: The Campbelldon

In the twenty-second episode of ‘Spy x Family‘ titled ‘The Underground Tennis Tournament: The Campbelldon,’ Fiona and Loid compete and try to win an underground tennis tournament in order to get their hands on a document hidden somewhere in the painting. Despite no public support at all, the duo manages to convincingly win every game they play and reach the finals where they face the Campbell siblings, the two-time champions.

Loid And Fiona Participate in an Underground Tennis Tournament

Fiona meets Loid and tells him about Cavi Campbell, a millionaire who made his fortune in the energy sector and is known for his antique collection. One of the items in his collection is the painting named The Lady in the Sunlight which roughly costs 1,000,000 dalc. It was originally owned by an ex-colonel named Eric Zacharis, a key player in ending the East-West war. However, there was an inconvenient document that can be found using the painting which if released could trigger another war. Known as the Zacharis Dossier, the so-called unexploded bomb needs to be stolen before Campbell realizes what he has on his hands.

Unfortunately, infiltrating his estate is out of the equation so Fiona takes Loid to an underground tennis tournament sponsored by Campbell and his close acquaintances. Although pro players compete there, ordinary competitors are also allowed provided they pay the fees. But the interesting part of the entire competition is the fact that the winners get to choose one item from Campbell’s antique collection as their trophy.

So, Fiona and Loid eventually end up participating. Although they look like an odd pair in front of pro players, the duo just crush whomever they compete against and reach the finals. Just before the Campbelldon Finals are played, Fiona and Loid are asked to sit in a room and wait for the official time for them to finally make an entrance. Loid tells Fiona that the Campbell siblings who are playing against them are still in high school. However, they have received training ever since they were young.

While they may not be the most skilled duo in the tournament, they can play dirty thanks to their father’s influence. Loid is also concerned that Fiona has been pushing herself too hard in the previous games and inspects her hand to confirm the same. He advises her to keep herself calm during the intense games but Fiona instinctively takes her hand back from him. She later regrets this but Loid continues to lecture her on the importance of keeping her cool as a spy.

What Dirty Tricks Are Used Against Loid and Fiona in the Campbelldon Finals?

All of a sudden, the duo notices something peculiar about the room. A thin white smoke coming out of the vents is more than enough to alert them about their current circumstances. It turns out that it is a non-toxic gaseous substance but it aims to make them weaker for the finals so that the Campbell siblings can easily win their third title. While Fiona and Loid can easily get out of the room, they suspect the possibility of guards on the doors and decide against it.

In fact, they just sit there holding their breaths to not arouse any suspicion about their identity. Thanks to their strong lungs and the ability to hold their breaths for long periods of time, they decide to pretend that they got tricked. Later that day, Fiona and Loid eventually get to play the game against the Campbell siblings and it soon becomes obvious that the rules are skewed against them.

The rackets used by the Campbell siblings have been tinkered with and they allow them to not only play power shots but also some very strange hits. Loid and Fiona despite giving their best easily lose the first set. In the second set, they decide to adopt a different approach. Having closely studied the moves of the Campbell siblings, they play different shots that take into account the unfair advantage provided to their competitors by their rackets. This approach appears to work and they suddenly start dominating the game.

However, the Campbell siblings are quick to press the panic button after which men working for them resort to other cheap tactics. When one serve reaches Fiona and she is about to hit it right back, the tile under her shoes goes a few inches inside the ground making her off balance. This in turn rotates her racket enough to hit the ball out of the court which wins the Campbell siblings a point. Loid and Fiona look at each other preparing themselves for whatever tricks their opponents still have up their sleeves.

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