Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Anya Save Yor’s Life

In ‘Spy x Family‘ season 2 episode 1 titled ‘Let’s Follow Papa and Mama,’ Yor gets injured during one of her missions and has to endure immense pain to hide it from Loid. Although she is not mad at Loid at all, he notices her strange behavior and blames himself for it following which he decides to take her on a date. Anya also wants to go with her parents but Loid tells her to stay at home instead. This does not stop her from teaming up with Franky and following the eccentric couple.

Loid Takes Yor On a Date

Thorn Princess a.k.a Yor Forger is out on another mission to take down the members of the dangerous Red Panda group when she makes a huge mistake. Usually, she is expected to not take things lightly during her mission but this is one rare instance where she turns her back on the enemies after feeling that she has accomplished her goal. Although most of the Red Panda members are dead at this point, one of them actually can move a little despite his injuries. He notices Thorn Princess talking on the phone slowly picks up his gun and aims in her direction. To avenge the death of his comrades, he shoots and a loud bang can be heard from afar.

Meanwhile, Loid is looking after Anya at the house and that’s when he hears the news about the chilling murder of Red Panda group members on the TV. Although he wants to listen more to the story, Anya insists that she has to watch her favorite show. Soon, Yor arrives as well but she does not seem alright. She walks funny and Loid notices her strange mannerisms. Yor is desperate to hide the fact that the bullet shot at her touched her backside and gave her a painful injury. Naturally, Anya can read her mind and worries that her mother is going to die. Yor lies to Loid that she is not well.

Loid feels that she is upset with him since he made her buy groceries. He worries that he is failing his duties as the husband and that could lead to the sabotage of the whole Operation Strix. In order to make up for everything, Loid offers to take Yor on a date. Interestingly, Yor recalls her colleagues talking about their dates with their significant others. She feels that if she has to blend in with the crowd well, she needs to take the date seriously. So, despite her injury, Yor agrees to out with him. Anya also wants to join her parents but Loid is adamant that he will go with his wife only.

Anya Saves Yor’s Life

Later that day, Loid tells Franky to visit his house so that he can look after Anya when the couple is out on a date. He has prepared extremely well for everything and has also booked a luxurious car to pick them up. But since Yor has a backside injury, she is hesitant to sit since it will hurt a lot. Therefore, she asks Loid to walk with her instead. The couple then heads to different places including a movie theater, a zoo, a lake, etc. But Yor keeps standing awkwardly at every place making Loid a bit confused. Eventually, the couple reach a fancy restaurant where Loid has booked the table for them.

Interestingly, Franky and Anya have been following the couple around since they left the house and are adamant about learning everything there is known about their first date. At the restaurant, the duo are told to go back since they have not made any advance booking. Anya is disappointed. Meanwhile, one of the Red Panda members who had survived the attack without sustaining any injuries and had actually seen the Thorn Princess recognizes Yor. He works as a waiter at the restaurant and vows to take revenge for the death of his comrades.

Anya who is just leaving, hears his inner thoughts and realizes that her mother is in danger. Meanwhile, the gang member already manages to give Yor a poisoned drink, which luckily only makes her dizzy and intoxicated for some reason. Since he fails, the Red Panda member decides to go to the store room to make explosives using the raw material there and takes Yor’s life. Interestingly, Anya manages to fool Franky and gets there in time. What’s even more shocking is the fact that she manages to knock out a grown man and intimates him never to go after her mother again.

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