Stacy Lloyd: Freaknik Survivor is an Author, Creator, and Flight Attendant Today

While there’s no denying the legacy of Atlanta, Georgia’s most infamous street festival is Black excellence, Black joy, and Black love, it is sadly also debauchery plus the ugliness of human nature. That’s because, as chronicled in Hulu’s ‘Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told,’ by the time this titular annual three-day party reached its 10-year mark, it had too many people doing too much. And unfortunately, alongside her roommate, Methodist historically black liberal arts Morris Brown College alumnus Stacy Lloyd got caught in the middle in the worst way imaginable in 1998.

Who is Stacy Lloyd?

It was back in 1997 when Stacy enrolled at Morris Brown College in Atlanta to pursue her passion for Radio, Television, plus Film, just to quickly learn there were times the city should be avoided. Therefore, when spring break 1998 rolled around, she and her best friend/roommate decided to go to a friend’s place for a gathering instead of attending the already infamous ongoing Freaknik festival. This friend of theirs was based in Mariette, and they were anxious to reach, but they couldn’t since there were police barricades as well as blockages everywhere owing to the street celebrations.

However, per Stacy in this original production, these obstacles only kept them from heading to the North side of town — an area primarily consisting of white people and affluent neighborhoods. “So, we are forced basically to go south of town,” she added. “My roommate [then had] to get gas; she gets out, she uses the bathroom, she comes back in the car, and she realizes her purse is gone.” That’s when she drives a little down the street where a crowd had amassed, parks in the middle of a turning lane, gets out, and storms the group in an attempt to retrieve her stolen belongings.

Little did Stacy or her best friend know that this would lead to some guy jumping into the driver’s seat, resulting in a legitimate physical fight breaking out between the former and him. “I basically sucker punch him, and we start tussling… because I didn’t want him to drive off with me…, leaving my roommate,” she revealed. “We’re fighting as the crowd is starting to come from both sides of the street, and someone opens up my car door.” This is the moment she realizes the situation is about to get much worse — she actually gets dragged out to the ground before strangers’ hands just rip at nearly every part of her clothing.

According to Stacy, “There were probably 10 active guys almost like taking turns” to grab at her, but thankfully, a good samaritan yelled out “police” to save her before things went way too far. She once expressed this man alone was the reason she didn’t get raped on that fateful day since the crowd only loosed and dispersed after his actions, yet the mental damage was already done. “When I got up,” she said, “both breasts were out of my shirt, the shirt was ripped, just the elastic was holding my skirt together, my hair was all over the place… I was cut and bruised and the whole nine.”

Where is Stacy Lloyd Now?

Stacy was understandably angry, frustrated, and scared in the aftermath of what’d transpired, yet she still courageously came forward to talk about it in the hopes it wouldn’t happen to others. But alas, no official ever followed up with her and no one was arrested for her attempted sexual assault despite witnesses. Though she could’ve never imagined that owing to many similar instances, authorities as well as elected officials would mutually decide to shut down Freaknik for good the very next year — in 1999. Hence, of course, she has since done her best to move forward in every way, shape, and form, starting by graduating on time in 2001 with a 2.85 GPA plus several significant internships under her belt.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t until 2001 itself that Stacy really managed to kickstart her career in her field of choice by landing a Public Affairs Producer and Coordinator position at WSB TV. She soon evolved into a News Anchor/Entertainment Correspondent at the same organization before moving on to become the Digital Media Coordinator for E! News-NBC Universal in 2008. Then came her decision to launch her own Talent Management Agency while also freelancing as a writer, blogger, as well as producer, but the former sadly didn’t work out and had to be shut down within two years.

However, instead of getting discouraged, Stacy worked hard to subsequently establish Ms. Lloyd Enterprises in 2015, which is where she found her calling as a multimedia platform specialist. Moreover and more importantly, she gradually expanded her wings as a media creator/expert, founded her self-care brand Irene + Sage, began public speaking, plus published her first book ‘Rise of the Good Woman: a 22-Day Guide to Becoming a Better You.’ Then, in 2023, she also chose to embrace her love for traveling by joining SkyWest Airlines as a flight attendant — she has explored all 50 states and 16 international destinations as of writing, with many more trips still to come.

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