Stuart Chaseman: Jewish Matchmaking Star is Still a Proud Musician Now

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Jewish Matchmaking‘ is a reality dating series that lives up to its genre, parent production, and title in every way conceivable. After all, it centers around a group of hopeful singles from across the US and Israel as they go through the age-old process of “shidduch” with expert Aleeza Shalom to find their forever love. Amongst them was actually none other than Chicago-based Stuart Chaseman — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him as well as his current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Stuart Chaseman’s Jewish Matchmaking Journey

While it’s true we didn’t come across Stuart until the near end of this incredible original’s debut installment, he immediately had our hearts in his hands with his wisecracking yet sweet personality. “What I bring to a relationship is I’m very handsome, I’m very intelligent, I have a ton of charisma, but by far my greatest quality is my humility,” he’d quipped as a part of his humble introduction. The 51-year-old then went on to concede, “I was a later starter, I would say. It wasn’t until I reached my mid-20s that I became kind of the professional dater I’ve become, and um — I’m still at it.”

In other words, Stuart made it clear he’d unfortunately always been a bit unlucky in love, yet he never really lost hope or shied away from any new opportunities to meet a potential partner. This advertising company owner plus musician thus decided to get in touch with matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom, especially since he has only ever wanted support, love, care, and comfort. He’d actually witnessed the way a perfect match or romantic involvement brings such peace as well as pure joy into one’s life thanks to his late parents, who admittedly set the “bar too high.”

As for Stuart’s ideal partner, he asserted he couldn’t stand for social or political conservatives and would love if a match matched his “culturally Jewish” stance rather than being utterly devout. “I’ve learned the hard way that a [not very religious] Jewish girl is a better fit for me,” this open-minded Illinois native said. “I don’t have to explain to her why ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is funny.” That’s when Aleeza gave him a small makeover before setting him up with youth program professional Hope, just for them to quickly realize they would never work long-term spiritually.

Then came actress/comedian Pamela Schuller into the picture, with whom Stuart felt positive, comfortable sparks from the moment they met up for a surprisingly intimate date in an empty local pub. It hence comes as no shock they were able to open up to one another and bond over not only their lack of coordination but also their sense of humor, publicly vulnerab le careers, and expectations. So, of course, he didn’t mind their 15-year age gap: he said, “I think we understood each other. I think we had a lot in common. [She’s] really down to Earth. Easy to talk to…,” and the feeling was mutual.

Where is Stuart Chaseman Now?

Unfortunately, despite their instant mutual connection as well as hopes to really continue dating, Stuart and Pamela weren’t able to make things work in the long run owing to their busy schedules. They remain friends to this day, as evidenced by social media — they follow one another and often even leave likes plus comments on posts to show their unwavering support — but that’s about it. Coming to Stuart’s personal standing, it appears as if even though he’s single to this day, he remains optimistic that he will find his forever match, aka “the one,” someday very, very, very soon.

We should also mention that Stuart had spinal surgery in 2023 and was thus a bit slow on his feet both at a personal plus professional level, yet it still didn’t stop him from expanding his wings. In fact, from what we can tell, this Chicago, Illinois, resident released an album titled ‘Secrets, Lies, and Alibi’ in May 2023 and now hosts regular Sunday live-stream sessions on Facebook called “Stuart’s Super Sunday Sepia-tone Serrenade” for his fans and supporters. It’s hence evident this growing live performer remains his honest, vulnerable, wisecracking self, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him — we wish him the best of luck through everything.

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